September 23, 2008

G157: Red Sox 5, Spiders 4

Spiders - 000 040 000 - 4  9  0
Red Sox - 000 230 00x - 5 9 1

The Globe has photos.

Kevin Youkilis's two-run home run got the Red Sox on the board in the fourth inning, but Cleveland came right back. Four hits off Wakefield, including consecutive RBI doubles from Shin-Soo Choo and Jhonny Peralta gave the Spiders a 4-2 lead in the fifth.

But Lee could not hold Boston down. Kevin Cash singled to start the home half of the fifth and was forced at second by Coco Crisp. Jacoby Ellsbury doubled to right-center and Crisp stopped at third. Dustin Pedroia banged a double off the Wall, both runners scored, and the game was tied at 4-4. After David Ortiz fanned and Youkilis was walked intentionally, Jason Bay grounded a single up the middle, past Peralta's weak Jeterian dive to his left. FY scored and the Red Sox had regained the lead.

Cleveland did not go down without a fight. They loaded the bases against Manny Delcarmen in the seventh, but Hideki Okajima came in and retired Victor Martinez on a foul pop to first. They rallied again in the eighth. Justin Masterson allowed a walk and a hit, along with two strikeouts. Javier Lopez walked Grady Sizemore to load the bases. Jonathan Papelbon was able to retire Jamey Carroll on one pitch -- a fielder's choice to second base. Then Bot slammed the door in the ninth, striking out Choo and Peralta and getting Martinez to pop to short.

Tampa Bay swept its doubleheader from the Orioles, 5-2 and 7-5. The Rays came from behind in both games, including a six-run rally in the eighth inning of the nightcap. The Yankees beat Toronto 3-1, but it was meaningless, as the Red Sox had already eliminated the Chokers.


Cliff Lee (2.41, 183 ERA+) / Tim Wakefield (4.18, 109 ERA+)

In his last two starts -- against the Royals and Twins -- Lee allowed 21 hits and nine runs (seven earned) in 14.1 innings. He has not faced the Red Sox this year.

Can the Red Sox still win the East? Tampa Bay has seven games remaining. If the Rays go 7-0, 6-1, 5-2 or 4-3, the Red Sox cannot win the division.

If Tampa goes 3-4, Boston must go 6-0.

If Tampa goes 2-5, Boston must go at least 5-1.

If Tampa goes 1-6, Boston must go at least 4-2.

And if Tampa goes 0-7, Boston must go at least 3-3.

It does not seem very likely.

Rays/Orioles at 5
Yankees/Blue Jays at 7
East                     Magic #
Rays 93 62 ---
Red Sox 91 65 2.5 4

Wild Card Magic #
Red Sox 91 65 ---
Yankees 85 71 6.5 1


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Amy said...

OK, I am out of here also.

Good night, everyone. Get ready for October baseball.

Amy said...

And I get 401!

ish said...


James said...

Yeah, I'm a damn fool. Ah well. They'll be more of these to come this year.

Jere said...

Papelbon: "I'll be riverdancin' in bed tonight!"

ish said...

Papelbon: "I'll be riverdancin' in bed tonight!"

Is that what they call it nowadays???

Jere said...

NESN with a stupid incorrect stat at bottom of screen: "Red Sox: 5 playoff appearances in last 6 years, 2nd most in MLB behind Yankees." I'm no PhD, but haven't the Yanks also made it 5 of the last 6? SHouldn't that read, "most in MLB, tied with Yankees"?

Jere said...

rays cut it to 5-3

ish said...

Can't wait for the Schadenfreude tomorrow.

Jere said...

Lowell talkin' nonsense. Beckett saying he smells like a hamster. Lowell saying he didn't have to shave until junior year of high school, and now he shaves twice a day.

nixon33 said...



Jere said...

Rays score 5 in 8th. God damn Orioles haven't done shit for us. 6-5 Tampa.

nixon33 said...


nixon33 said...


Eric said... Elimination Party time?

Jere said...

Orioles' efforts to help us vs Yanks and Rays these last 6 games: 0-6. 3 back with 5 to play--so we have to gain 4 games in the last 5.

tim said...


/obligatory clinch comment

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