January 2, 2009

Interviews: Reddick and Youkilis

Sox1Fan is posting his three-part interview with Red Sox outfield prospect Josh Reddick (stats). Here are parts one and two. Check back for the final segment.

About a month ago, readers of The Bottom Line submitted questions for Kevin Youkilis. His answers are here.


Patrick said...

It seems like there's a tough balance between trying to adjust a prospects technique to fit the Red Sox "ideal", and letting them develop into their own mold.

Good read.

Mylegacy said...

As a Jay's fan it irritates me no end to like Youk. Ever since the "Greek God of Walks" was in the minors I have coveted him. (Not the same way I've coveted my neighbours wife - that's another story; which unfortunately ended in her getting a STD. However as her husband was a Sox fan it wasn't all bad.)

Youk plays the game wonderfully and with passion. A great guy to watch. Willing to trade him for Rolen? I hear Rolen's shoulder is much better now that they're using duck tape instead of cellophane tape to hold it together.

A belated Happy New Year to you and all your festering nation.

9casey said...

Mylegacy said...
As a Jay's fan it irritates me no end

'nuff said....

Seriously, Rolen for Yook , Throw in Halladay, we will call it good.

Happy New Year to you as well..

tim said...

Halladay and Rios for Yook :P

L-girl said...

"your festering nation"

Hey, you're the one with the STD.

rob said...

Thanks for the plug JoS!

Here's to an exciting 2009!

I also am a gib Youk fan, but the fact that the Six can't seem to agee opn a long term deal with him makes me nervous... Lars Anderson better be as good as all the hype - 'cause if Youk walks, the Sox are in trouble.