December 31, 2008

Something Else #22: Springsteen/New Year's Eve

This is one of my favourite Springsteen bootlegs. "Nassau Night" -- a New Year's Eve show, as 1980 clicked over into 1981. It's one of the longest shows he has ever done -- 40+ songs and nearly four hours -- and it's a soundboard! Enjoy!
Intro                                   (0:31)
Night (3:08)
Prove It All Night (6:01)
Spirit In The Night (7:50)
Darkness On The Edge Of Town (4:47)
Independence Day (5:39)
Who'll Stop The Rain (5:53)
This Land Is Your Land (3:20)
The Promised Land (5:59)
Out In The Street (4:35)
Racing In The Street (8:15)
Piano Intro (0:46)
The River (7:00)
Badlands (5:04)
Thunder Road (6:57)
Intro (0:27)
Cadillac Ranch (4:56)
Sherry Darling (5:19)
Hungry Heart (4:32)
Merry Christmas Baby (4:50)
Fire (4:35)
Candy's Room (3:24)
Because The Night (8:41)
4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (6:54)
Rendezvous (3:25)
Fade Away (10:10)
The Price You Pay (5:24)
Wreck On The Highway (5:44)
Two Hearts (2:44)
Ramrod (4:32)
You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) (4:54)
Held Up Without A Gun (1:42)
In The Midnight Hour (2:56)
Auld Lang Syne (2:03)
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (13:58)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (5:24)
Jungleland (12:22)
Born To Run (4:38)
Devil With A Blue Dress (1:23)
Good Golly Miss Molly (0:42)
C.C. Rider (1:17)
Jenny Take A Ride (2:53)
I Hear A Train /
Devil With A Blue Dress (Reprise) (6:53)
Twist And Shout (7:58)
Raise Your Hand (3:13)
Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3


L-girl said...

Hooray for 1980-81 live Bruce!

tim said...

Happy New Year Allan and Laura and JOS!

Nice upload! Thanks for the Auld Lang Syne, rung in the 2009 decently. Got a rapidshare premium account and will be d/ling the whole show tomorrow - looking forward to it.

Did you guys ever attend the times square thing during your time in NYC? Looks like a commercialized zoo, insane amount of people and probably mostly tourists...

phil said...

Happy New Year. NYYFans wished me a happy birthday at midnight, since I'd put January 1 as my birthday. So happy that, too.

L-girl said...

Happy New Year! And happy birthday, Phil!

Tim, "zoo" is indeed the operative word. You have to get there around noon or in the early afternoon to get a spot. You're penned in, unable to move (to leave for anything to eat, use a bathroom or get warm) for all those hours. You can't see or do anything until the actual countdown and ball drop. All just to say you were there.

Nope, we never did it. Most New Yorkers have not, although I did know a few people who went once, then wondered why. Definitely for tourists!

phil said...

Sorry, I wasn't clear. It isn't my birthday, just my "birthday" for purposes of registering an account on NYYFans (which I did a few years ago for schadenfreude reading).

L-girl said...

Ah, that makes more sense. I couldn't parse the earlier post, so I figured, better to say HBD when there is none than to possibly ignore an "it's my birthday" announcement.

I couldn't figure out why NYY fans were wishing you a happy birthday!

redsock said...

If anyone likes Bob Marley, he or she should click the word ... right ... ----------> here.

tim said...

omg, so much bob its not even funny.

tim said...

Re: Times Square, that sounds like a terrible time (and basically how I pictured it going down). I'm sure the oppression of the crowd by the NYPD is something to write home about as well.

Definitely not something on my list of things to do.

SoSock said...

Love the "Something Else"
Saw this tour - my first Springsten show, yay! I believe it was during the second leg, after the New Year's show, but not sure. I know for sure the 84 tour was in January. The show here I mean. Took a good friend for his birthday, which is on the 7th so I know it was near that.
I've not seen him live since the 87 tour, which was a letdown after the almost 4 hour physically exhausting show we saw in 84, but after your review of last year's show, I'm really wishing I had gone and hope I get a chance to see him again.