December 21, 2008

Teixeira Updates

Sunday evening updates on Mark Teixeira, who may make his decision "within the next few days":

Angels: The team's vice president of communications confirmed a report that LAA has withdrawn its offer.

Yankees: Made an offer, but have withdrawn it.

Nationals: Do not expect to win the Teixeira sweepstakes.

Red Sox: Have not spoken with Boras since Thursday night.

Orioles: Still out there; may have made a 7/140-150 offer.


SoSock said...

Not a factor, eh Henry?
Seems as though we're at least as much a factor as anyone else at this point.
Unless, of course. he's rethought that earlier reported offer.
Hurry up and wait :)
Happy Hanukah, all!
And Good Festivus!

Amy said...

I just keep figuring that there is no news until there is news. I have so little patience for the media-made "news" that is nothing.

Seasons greetings to all my friends at JOS!!