December 18, 2008

Early Talks On Youkilis Extension

Joe Bick, Kevin Youkilis's agent, says he and the Red Sox have had "early-stage conversations" about a long-term contract extension for the Boston infielder.
Kevin is perfectly content to do it one year at a time. There's no urgency whatsoever. If we are presented with a multiyear deal, he's fine with it either way. We're all pretty confident that Kevin is going to remain an outstanding player. He is not the kind of guy that is going to be antsy if he has to do a one-year contract.
Youkilis, who earned $3 million last season while hitting .312 and leading the team in slugging percentage and RBI, is currently eligible for free agency after the 2010 season.

We have no idea what the Red Sox would be offering or what Yook might like, but inking him to a 4/40-48 deal (covering his age 30-34 seasons) might make sense now. Anything more and I'd be inclined to wait -- see if his 2008 production is the real deal going forward -- and deal with this in the winter of 2010-11.


tim said...

This talk on Yook sounds like a no news is good news situation. I expect Theo & Co to stay the course on not offering anyone obscenely long contracts.

Just reading Moneyball now finally, and got to the page about Eucilis today. Great read so far. I enjoyed the comparison of some A's reliever in 02 to "Old Yeller" - thought it was funny I started calling Timlin that having not read the book.

I want to pick up Jere's book and Allan's book to read on this trip as well - do I have to order them online or would I be able to go to the local B&N and pick it up?

allan said...

Jere's: You might find it.
Mine: You won't.


Re Moneyball:

That Billy Beane sure can write. [/joemorgan]

Patrick said...

Break out the sharpies, and sign that sweaty dong!

9casey said...

Just posted on

Henry says Red Sox are out of the running for Tex......

Unknown said...

Sounds good Allan, I just ordered both off of Amazon.