February 13, 2009

Pre-Season Mags: Lindy's & Athlon

Two more pre-season magazines have hit newsstands. Here are some of their predictions:


AL East        Other Playoff Teams
Yankees Twins
Red Sox (wc) Angels
Rays Phillies
Blue Jays Cubs
Orioles Dodgers
Marlins (wc)

AL Pennant: Yankees
NL Pennant: Cubs
MVPs: Mark Teixeira, Hanley Ramirez
CYs: Jon Lester, Cole Hamels

AL East        Other Playoff Teams
Red Sox Twins
Yankees (wc) Angels
Rays Phillies
Blue Jays Cubs
Orioles Diamondbacks
Mets (wc)

ALCS: Red Sox over Yankees
NLCS: Phillies over Mets
WS: Red Sox over Phillies
MVPs: Alex Rodriguez, Hanley Ramirez
CYs: Jonathan Papelbon, Johan Santana


Anonymous said...

A-Rod as MVP? Really??

OK, then....

redsock said...

You could make a strong case that A-Rod will have an MVP-worthy season.

Now, Bot taking home the Cy Young -- that's fooking goofy.

Anonymous said...

RED SOX over PHILLIES.....why how original. and in the other mag: LESTER and HAMELS winning the CY......why how original. i like the sexy pick: SANTANA winning the CY. A-ROID is gonna get hit with a slump of a year or hes gonna blast 74 homers-intresting to see which takes place.

9casey said...

There is no way they will vote A-Rod as MVP , I don't care if he hits 74 HR's .....Lets see if this bites me in the ass.....

seawolvesfan said...
i like the sexy pick: SANTANA winning the CY.

What makes that sexy?

James said...

Papelbon as Cy Young. What the fuck?

I'm assuming this was written prior to the A-Rod MVP thing, because there is no way in hell the writers will vote for him, even if he hits 174 home runs with a perfect batting average.

The Twins are kind of an oddball choice, an awful lot has to go right for them to go to the playoffs, but I guess it's not that tough of a division (honestly, I think all 5 AL East teams would be contenders in the other two divisions).

No one is picking the Tigers to score 1000 runs again, I see.

Ish said...

Now, Bot taking home the Cy Young -- that's fooking goofy.

That was my reaction too. I'm sitting here in my room alone and it still elicited a verbal response. "Papelbon? Really?"

tim said...

I, uh, also clicked on "comment" with the intention to write some silly remark about Papelbon + MVP = WTF but you all did a swell job of it before I got here. =)

Carry on now.

Patrick said...

Agreed on Pappelbon.

He doesn't get enough credit for his amazing post season pitching, but he'd have to pitch 100 untouchable innings for me to consider him cy worthy.

I consider Jon Lester the sexy pick.

Same with the Giants for the NL west. They get my pick.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Slappy an MVP? I imagine this was done before last Saturday.

andy said...

As long as there is no Rays of sun in Tampa in October I will be happy.

andy said...

are no?

Anonymous said...

"seawolvesfan said...
i like the sexy pick: SANTANA winning the CY.

What makes that sexy?"

ive heard that on ESPN espically during the football offseason-sexy pick means picking a team that everybody doesnt think will do anything or will go unnoticed during the season-FYI Cardinals