November 4, 2009

The "Derek Jeter Bridge"

The New York Post reports that Bronx politicans are considering naming a soon-to-be-built bridge after Derek Jeter.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. says he has a "man crush" on CI:
There have been conversations at the community board, and I know the idea is being examined. It's something I am ready to support.
The bridge will span the Metro-North tracks that bisect East 153rd Street between Park Avenue and the Grand Concourse.
Maybe some of CI's back taxes could help pay for the $87 million bridge. Back in late 2007, the New York State Division of Tax Appeals said that Jeter had cheated New York out of millions of dollars by claiming he lived in Florida when he was residing in Manhattan.


Ish said...

Well, the good thing about the soon-to-be Derek Jeter bridge is it will have no range of motion, and it will always be calm. A very safe bridge.

bwsmith25 said...

I guess they considered naming it the Alex Rodriguez Bridge, but they didn't want it to collapse every October?

stefan said...

Will it only go in one direction?

Anonymous said...

No, the Derek Jeter bridge will go "both" ways!!!

L-girl said...

it will have no range of motion, and it will always be calm.

LOL, excellent.

In other news, I think we have enough material for Jeter-bashing without homophobia. And what's wrong with going both ways? ;)

Jim Wexler said...

The Jeter Bridge will cost more than triple the avergae bridge, really the best bridge monet can can't lose. A real source of pride. Of course than kind of hubris can come back to haunt you, though not this yeasr.