November 17, 2009

Greinke Wins AL Cy Young

It's a rout.
                      1st  2nd  3rd   Pts
Zack Greinke, KC 25 3 134
Felix Hernandez, SEA 2 23 1 80
Justin Verlander, DET 1 9 14
CC Sabathia, NYY 2 7 13
Roy Halladay, TOR 11 11
NL Cy on Thursday.

Rookies of the Year: Andrew Bailey (A's) and Chris Coghlan (Marlins).


FenFan said...

Obviously the correct choice... maybe the voters are finally starting to see the light?

Ish said...

I'm just glad they finally chose someone not based on wins...

L-girl said...

It's enough to give me hope, like FenFan says. Is our writers learning?

redsock said...

Is our writers learning?