November 3, 2009

Schadenfreude 93 (A Continuing Series)

Mark Hale, Post:
Mark Teixeira is in a prolonged slump right now that's starting to become alarming. ... Teixeira is a woeful 2-for-19 with seven strikeouts in this World Series. ... Teixeira has been abysmal in the postseason, hitting just .172 (10-for-58) with 16 strikeouts.
Mike Puma, Post:
Derek Jeter occasionally wears postseason goat horns, too.

Last night the Yankees captain had a chance to embellish his November legacy -- he is, after all, the original Mr. November -- but couldn't produce in the ninth inning. Jeter hit into a double play, all but killing the Yankees' comeback hopes in their 8-6 loss to the Phillies in Game 5 of the World Series.
A.J. Burnett:
I let 25 guys down. I let a whole city down. It's the worst feeling in the world.
Mike Vaccaro, Post:
When it was over, the clubhouse boys were stuffing gear into bags rather than wrapping plastic over lockers. Instead of uncorking champagne, the Yankees were tossing socks and sanitary hose into big laundry bins. Bud Selig, with no presentation to make, walked briskly and bypassed the room altogether.

There was no music, no laughter, very little conversation, very little interaction at all.


redsock said...

Recent search strings that led people to JoS:

yankees rope around neck

yankees rope neck

why are the yankees wearing ropes around neck

yankees rope around neck what ?

why does pettitte wear a rope around his neck

Is this some choke talk or is there a story I missed?

Dr S said...

For the love of god, would someone please inform the Phillies to pull Pedro after 5 and 100 pitches.

redsock said...

Craig Calcaterra, ShysterBall:
I'm assuming it's Pettitte v. Martinez in Game 6, but since Happ hasn't pitched, he could go in Game 6 with Pedro going in a Game 7, thereby (a) bypassing the less-than-motivated Cole Hamels; and (b) setting up the possibility of a legendary final achievement for a legendary pitcher. Really, I couldn't give a rat's patootie about the Phillies, but how awesome would it be to see Pedro Martinez beat the Yankees with some stellar performance in Game 7? I mean, sure, Yankees fans and Cole Hamels would commit suicide, but everyone else would freak the hell out.


redsock said...

A bit of doubt is creepin' in, ain't it?

Beware the ghosts of 2001 and 2004!

Ish said...

And this is coming after just ONE of the next three Yankee losses.

L-girl said...

This is great! If it's true that they're so despondent, nothing could be better for the Phils.

It's the worst feeling in the world.

That's a shame.

SoSock said...

I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning! I'll repeat it here since I know no one saw my IMAC on the last post.
The last time the Yankees were ahead 3 - 2 in the Series? '01, against the D-Backs.
Let's see, not only did they lose the next 2, but a Red Sox hero was instrumental in the process. Granted, it was a Red Sock-to-be, not a former Red Sock as this year, but still. Schilling held the Skankees to 1 run in 7+ innings in Game 7.
Here's to history!
If Pedro could do, they make movies out of that shit.

tim said...

I really do want to see Happ start a game. Don't think they'll throw him into the fire of a game 7 though. Hopefully P.A. Manuel will be out in full force, if and when Hamels gets into trouble.

As for game 6, Pedro - yeah, thats a lock.

Fuck toucan sam and his HGH-laden froot loops.

Gambrinus said...

You know, my day gets a little bit better every time I see the Schadenfreude counter go up by one. Hoping we get one big happy schadenfreude post after game 7...

Benjamin said...

At Tom n Jerry’s Sports Bar in the Milmont Park section of Ridley Township, waitress Jacki Hunt, 21, wore a Halloween costume expressing her thoughts of New Yorkers cheering on their teams in her backyard.

Dressed as a Yankees fan, complete with a Yankees hat, Derek Jeter jersey and face paint, Hunt had one extra addition to the costume.

“I have a noose around my neck,” said the Ridley native, holding a loose-fitting rope around her neck. “It’s Halloween, so I decided to be a suicidal Yankees fan.”

Hunt said the costume was her boyfriend’s idea, and that she is a diehard Phillies fan.

Ish said...

Pedro, on Red Sox fans: "I'm going to give the same effort I always gave them. They're special fans and they'll always have my respect. I know they don't like the Yankees to win - not even in Nintendo games."

9casey said...

Ish said...
Pedro, on Red Sox fans: "I'm going to give the same effort I always gave them. They're special fans and they'll always have my respect. I know they don't like the Yankees to win - not even in Nintendo games."

If we could get Damon on board with those same thoughts , that would be allright..

I am hoping the Phillies win , with all I got, I just need to see Howard get involved and that bullpen have a clean inning.....