December 19, 2009

Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep


allan said...

If you're havin' trouble with your barnyard friends
You've got a thing for ewes
Been countin' sheep, but you're not in bed
Here's what you gotta do:
Get out the barn, stay off the farm!
Go read a nursery rhyme
Don't ring 976-BAAA --
That kind of love's a crime! Hey!

Dirty deeds, done with sheep!
Dirty deeds, Little Bo Peep!
Dirty deeds, done with sheep!
Dirty deeds, and they're done with sheep!
Dirty deeds, and they're done with sheep!

My friend Larry has a little lamb
Her fleece is white as snow.
He keeps braggin' 'bout her night and day
Someone should tell him, "No"
Look at the flock, they're all in shock
Here comes that mutton fan
Knock off the fleece, Give them some peace
Don't be a barn door man! No.

Velcro gloves
Knee pads
Late-night dates
Done with sheep!

Warning signs
Electric fences
High Voltage
Done with sheep!

Dirty deeds
Don't tell 'em what I've done to you!
Done with sheep!

David MySky said...

"I hear the secrets that you keep, when you're talkin' 'bout your sheep."

laura k said...

No animals were harmed in the making of this video?

allan said...

The Bon Scott vocals are so dead on, you could pass this off as a silly studio outtake.

accudart said...

I was expecting this to be pretty lame but it was awesome! Lindy was in the next room over getting ready for work as I cranked it. Surprisingly she wasn't as impressed as I was and asked it I was 5 and regressing...can you believe that?

accudart said...

Thanks for the lyrics. For some reason I felt a need to print them out...

allan said...

I was waiting for you to weigh in!


allan said...

Morrissey Sock Puppet


Zenslinger said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I love it!

FenFan said...

Laugh out loud funny! My wife thinks I'm insane. Eh...

A Conformer said...

Not to change the subject or anything, but this just might be the funniest music-related video on Youtube.

allan said...

I saw that last April. Hoggify!

Zenslinger said...

Love that one, too.