January 19, 2010

Will Theo Go To Arbitration?

Papelbon: $9.35 million; with incentives, could be $9.5
Delcarmen: $905,000; + $15,000 with 65 appearances
Ramirez: $1.1175 million (approximately)
Hermida: ?
Jonathan Papelbon, Manny Delcarmen, Ramon Ramirez, and Jeremy Hermida filed for arbitration on last Friday. If the Red Sox do not come to an agreement with any of the players today, the two sides will then exchange salary figures. Any hearings will take place between February 1-21. Theo Epstein has never gone to arbitration (this is his 7th off-season).

Peter Gammons reports that the Red Sox had agreed on a 4/60 deal with Jason Bay last July, but after an MRI showed problems with both of his knees, the team dropped that offer to two years.

ESPN and SI are reporting that Felix Hernandez has agreed to a 5/80 deal with the Mariners. Damn. I guess Theo won't be trading for him now.

Jose Offerman was banned for life from the Dominican Winter League for punching first base umpire Daniel Rayburn last Saturday. It's unclear from the video if Rayburn was actually hit, though he did fall to the ground as if he had been shot. ... Which reminded me of this classic Izzy Alcantara clip where he kicks the catcher in the head before charging the mound.


FenFan said...

I'm not clear why Gammons "broke" this non-story. Now that he is essentially employed by the Sox, it almost smacks of sour grapes, but maybe I'm reading too much into this.

Anonymous said...


Hmmmmmmmmmm, please be dominant Pap, or Bot, what is his nickname again?

Straddling the Border said...

Looks to me like the ump wasn't hit, but was very surprised and lost his balance.

Benjamin said...

So only Hermida's left unsigned for now. Presumably arbitration will be avoided yet again.

Zenslinger said...

That Izzy video was hilarious -- first time I had seen it. It takes foresight and a lot of experience charging the mound to be able to think to kick the catcher first.

redsock said...

Hermida submitted $3.85
Red Sox submitted $2.95
(he made $2.25 last year)

They could still come to an agreement at any time before the hearing. $3.25?

tim said...

If the purse strings were tight, I think Theo would win in arb...but they'll probably come to a deal, 3.25 sounds about right. Maybe with some incentives.