May 22, 2010

G44: Red Sox 5, Phillies 0

Red Sox  - 000 140 000 - 5  9  0
Phillies - 000 000 000 - 0 1 0
Matsuzaka was four outs away from a no-hitter when Juan Castro lifted a little flair into short field. Marco Scutaro could not grab it and it fell for a single. Dice: 8-1-0-4-5, 112.

The hit came right after Adrian Beltre made a phenominal diving catch to his left at third, then got up and fired a bullet to first, doubling off Carlos Ruiz, who had walked. (Matsuzaka snared a smoking liner off the bat of Jayson Werth to end the seventh inning.)

The Sox put the game away with three two-out hits in the fifth -- J.D. Drew's RBI single, David Ortiz's RBI double, and Beltre's 2-RBI double.

Daniel Bard pitched the ninth, getting the Phillies to hit three ground balls to Dustin Pedroia.

The Rays won and the Yankees (now 5 GB) and Blue Jays (now 7 GB) lost. The Red Sox remain 8.5 GB.
Daisuke Matsuzaka / Kyle Kendrick
Ellsbury, CF
Pedroia, 2B
Drew, RF
Ortiz, 1B
Beltre, 3B
Hermida, LF
Varitek, C
Scutaro, SS
Matsuzaka, P
Jacoby Ellsbury returns to the lineup for the first time since April 11. To make room on the roster, Jonathan Van Every (who is out of options), was designated for assignment and will be exposed to waivers.

Kevin Youkilis has reached base in 21 straight games, but David Ortiz gets the start at first base.

Matsuzaka complained about Victor Martinez's pitch-calling after his last start (PA: "That did not sit well in the clubhouse"), so we'll see how Dice does with Jason Varitek today.

May 22, 1957: The Red Sox set an American League record by hitting four home runs in the sixth inning. Gene Mauch, Ted Williams, Dick Gernert, and Frank Malzone go deep off Cleveland's Cal McLish within a span of 16 pitches. (Williams had helped set the AL record in 1940, with Jimmie Foxx, Joe Cronin, and Jim Tabor.)

May 22, 1977: The Red Sox and Brewers tie a major-league record when they combine for 11 home runs (Lynn (2), Hobson, Evans, Scott, and Yaz for Boston). Evans's blast clears the new upper section of the CF wall, about 20 feet to the right of the flag pole. Boomer's tater is a grand slam. Boston wins 14-10. It's the first game of a doubleheader; the Sox get only two hits in the nightcap and are shutout 6-0.

Rays at Astros, 7 PM
Yankees at Mets, 7 PM
Blue Jays at Diamondbacks, 8 PM


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redsock said...

when i say scutaro, i meant the pop he did NOT catch for the hit. if he caught that, that might have been the play.

beltre a close second, then dice's reaction play.

Grant said...

Well when I hear "your hockey team" I immediately think of BC Hockey, which did just fine by me this year :-P

But yeah I don't recall anything about the Bruins this year.

L-girl said...

One of the most fun games I've ever been to, too.

I would think so!

The closest I've come is tickets I gave away... to a game that turned out to be a no-hitter. *sigh*

L-girl said...

College sports are in another universe to me. I would never think to ask anyone about any college sport!

Glad to know your amnesia is helping out.

G'night all!

Mrs.GotRibe said...

Yankees have bases loaded, no outs

redsock said...

Rays won 4-2

Yankees losing 5-2 in the 8th
(but threatening - mets just walked in a run, still loaded with 1 out)

Jays losing 8-1 in the 8th

redsock said...

oooh, jeter's up.
whatta got mr. clutch?

redsock said...

frod in to face ci

redsock said...

fly down the rf line foul, that worried me for a bit, 1-2

redsock said...

DP ball to third, but CI hit it a bit too slowly. Stems get the FC at 2nd, no throw to first, run scores, 5-3.

Mrs.GotRibe said...

I thought that was going to be a DP. He couldn't get it out of his glove.

redsock said...

Mets 5-3 after 8.

Mrs.GotRibe said...

I just watched highlights on ESPN. Great game, nice stops. Dice's come back was amazing.

meunier said...


meunier said...


9casey said...

With Dice having 2 great outings out of 3 , who would have thought are problems with the pitching staff would be Beckett and Lackey?

L-girl said...

I saw the ITP HR earlier today. Can't say I had the same reaction, but ITPers are always cool.

What's the joke? The OFer?

redsock said...

I guess he thought it went over the fence?

(... just imagining the media if manny had done something like that)

redsock said...

friggin frod.
1st and 3rd for mfy, 2 outs.

redsock said...

some mets fans looking like their dog just died

redsock said...

mets win.

frod still sucks.
yeah you better thank the heavens, because you can't pitch all by yourself, you asshole.

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