January 24, 2012

1918 Fenway Park Grand Stand Pass

Notice: The holder of this pass agrees to pay 2 cents to the Club each time same is presented for admission to the park, which will entitle the holder to what is known as a 77 cent seat, conditioned that the holder is also to pay to the Club for the Government a War Tax of 8 cents each time this pass is presented for admission, making a total of 10 cents.

Harry H. Frazee
I saw this on eBay.


mattymatty said...

Did you buy it? That would be an amazing piece of memorabilia to own.

allan said...

I like to have it, but not for (at least) $550.

I do have a ticket stub from one July 1918 game at Fenway, though. I got that about 10-12 years ago for $20-something.

laura k said...

I like to have it, but not for (at least) $550.

I wish I could get it for you! But no.

GK said...

ah! the good old days, when they would have a war tax to pay for a war.

I guess the present day warmongers dont have the nostalgia for the good old days any more.