January 14, 2012

Four Weeks

Truck Day is Saturday, February 11, four weeks from today.

("Green Death" - rallying cry for 2012?)


allan said...

Our manager doesn't sound overly concerned with New York's recent additions:

"Pineda, when I saw him the first half of the season, he looked unhittable, and the second half he looked OK. [Kuroda's] a year older than he was last year [37 next month]. He'll be pitching in the American League now and not the National League, pitching in not a great pitcher's ballpark, coming from a great pitcher's ballpark. He'll probably be an upgrade from Colon and Garcia, probably ..."

laura k said...

("Green Death" - rallying cry for 2012?)

I hope not.

Jere said...

"I hope not."


laura k said...

For one thing, we're not green, we're red. Plus I don't like the death thing. But it can flourish without me, many things do.