February 22, 2012


It sounds like 2012 will be (really!) Mariano Rivera's last season.
I made my decision already. But I'm not ready to tell you yet. ...

This is something everybody goes through. It's just a matter of time. How many times did I tell you guys this is my last year? Seven or eight years: "I'm not going to play after this year" and then I sign a contract for two more years, three more years. But this one is different. This is it. This one is my decision. ... It's irrevocable. ...

Decisions like that always are hard. They involve what you do and what you've been doing for 22 years. Decisions like that are always difficult, but they have to be made.
Last season, Rivera had the 5th-lowest WHIP of his 17-year career. He is 42 years old. ... I do hope he gets to play center field before he goes.
Page 6: Slappy is busy "brown bagging it to swanky restaurants along South Beach".

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