February 3, 2012

Lindy's: Angels/Phillies WS; Red Sox 3rd In East

Lindy's pre-season baseball magazine is on newsstands. Here are some of its predictions:

American League 
East        Central     West
Yankees     Tigers      Angels
Rays        Cleveland   Rangers
Red Sox     Royals      Mariners
Blue Jays   White Sox   Athletics
Orioles     Twins

Manager  - Ned Yost, Royals
MVP      - Albert Pujols, Angels
Cy Young - Jered Weaver, Angels
Rookie   - Matt Moore, Rays

AL Wild Card - Rangers
AL Pennant   - Angels
NL Divisions - Phillies, Reds, Giants
NL Wild Card - Diamondbacks
NL Pennant   - Phillies
The editors say that Boston's offense will keep the team in the race all season, but that beyond Josh Beckett and Jon Lester, the starting pitching is "sketchy".


FenFan said...

Remember when everyone last year had the Sox winning 100 games? So being projected as third-place finishers two months before the season begins doesn't phase me. In fact, I'm predicting 100 wins and an AL East crown for Boston right now! Who's with me? ;-)

allan said...

I'll go 95 and a Crown.

nick said...

hmmm... W/L contest in the making, I see.

mattymatty said...

Sketchy, huh? Hard to refute analysis like that.

I'll take 97 wins and an ALE crown, thank you very little.

allan said...

Sketchy, my ass. I am told Mr. Buchholz has cancelled his subscription to that particular periodical.

allan said...

W/L contest in the making, I see.

It's coming!

accudart said...

98 wins, the east title, and World Champions. Then I'll have to like Valentine!

The Omnipotent Q said...

Would I be out of line predicting 100 wins and an AL East title? OK, 99 wins and an AL East title.

allan said...

I like the optimism. However, I should point out that the Sox have finished at or below the lowest entry in the W-L contest for the last two seasons.

accudart said...

then a correction is in order, maybe 101 wins!

Michael Holloway said...

"..beyond Josh Beckett and Jon Lester, the starting pitching is "sketchy". "

Hmmm. What's the name of that magazine?