June 28, 2012

G76: Mariners 1, Red Sox 0

Red Sox  - 000 000 000 - 0  5  1
Mariners - 000 000 001 - 1  5  0
Pinch-hitter John Jaso singled home Casper Wells, who had doubled to the left-center gap off Scott Atchison with one out. Cody Ross's throw from right field on Jaso's liner was on the money, if slightly up the third base line, but catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia could not hold onto the ball, and Wells scored the night's only run.

Felix Hernandez (9-5-0-1-13, 128) tied a career-high in strikeouts, getting the upper hand over a spectacular effort from Franklin Morales (7-3-0-2-7, 109), in his third start of the season. Morales did not allow a hit until the fourth inning and did not allow a Seattle runner to second base until the seventh.

Boston's best opportunities to score:

3rd inning: With two outs, Mike Aviles and Daniel Nava both singled. Dustin Pedroia flied out to left-center, as Franklin Gutierrez made a nice running catch. (An inning later, Gutierrez was hit in the right side of the face with a throw to first base and left the game.)

7th inning: Adrian Gonzalez singled and took second on a wild pitch with one out. Felix struck out both Will Middlebrooks and Ross.

9th inning: David Ortiz singled with one out and Salty walked. Brent Lillibridge pinch-ran for Flo. Mike Saunders, who took over for Gutierrez in center, made a running catch on the warning track in left-center of Gonzalez's deep drive. WMB popped the first pitch up to second.

All five AL East teams lost tonight.
Franklin Morales / Felix Hernandez
Nava, LF
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Saltalamacchia, C
Gonzalez, 1B
Middlebrooks, 3B
Ross, LF
Kalish, CF
Aviles, SS
            W   L   GB   RS   RA  DIFF  EXP W-L
Yankees    46  28  ---  355  292  + 63   44-30
Orioles    41  32  4.5  310  310     0   37-36
Red Sox    40  35  6.5  397  344  + 53   42-33
Rays       40  35  6.5  317  311  +  6   38-37
Blue Jays  38  37  8.5  367  343  + 24   40-35
Since May 12, the Red Sox are 27-16 (.628, 102-win pace). However, they have gained only one game in the standings because the Yankees have gone 28-14 (.667, 108-win pace) in that same time period. It's a bit disheartening, until you realize we've been playing .630 ball for six weeks with half a lineup and more players on the disabled list than any team in MLB.

After this seven-game west coast trip to Seattle and Oakland, the Red Sox return to Fenway Park on Friday, July 6 for four games against the Yankees that will take us into the All-Star break. ... It's possible that both Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford will be ready to return for the second half.


FenFan said...

I can't remember where I saw this posted recently but I believe Red Sox players have combined for 700 "lost work days" due to all the DL stints. The next closest team was 200 days less.

A .630 winning percentage looks pretty damn good from that perspective!

Jere said...

"I can't remember where I saw this posted recently but I believe Red Sox players have combined for 700 "lost work days" due to all the DL stints. The next closest team was 200 days less."

Was on NESN a few days ago, as a graphic. Home dugout shown in background, I believe with cam focused on Valentine.

FenFan said...

Thanks, Jere!

9casey said...

But as we know to well every game counts....

Jim said...

Alan, I noticed over on SoSh game thread that there are some comments about trouble getting through to Globe. I tried earlier a few times and discovered by typing name in address bar that Globe is entirely behind the paywall (Jesus, NYT gives 10 freebies p/m.). Now trolling for another place for pre-game lineups and injury updates.

9casey said...

If i read it right David Ortiz is hitting .337 against lefties , that is ridiculous!

Jere said...

On the play where the guy got hit in the face. Could they have tagged him out? He gets hit, goes down, and isn't on the bag. The ball was right there. If AG tagged him, would he be out? Normally when a ball hits a runner, it's a good thing for the offense, because the ball bounces away and he easily takes the next base. Is rule any different just because you're seriously hurt? You can't call time out without being on the base, so shouldn't it be a live ball until either you get to the base or somebody tags you out? What if the second baseman throws to third and hits the runner who was on the way there, and in the process, blows out his shoulder and it later requires amputation? At that point, can he say "Oww, this is REALLY BAD, we need to stop this game and make that runner go back"? No. But if a guy is running the bases and trips and falls in the middle, whether it's just a fall or a full-blown heart attack, he can be tagged out, he can NOT call time out. But maybe the rule's different for being hit by a thrown ball. I guess it would be like saying "pegging" is legal. But if that's the case, why is it that if you're NOT hurt when getting hit by a thrown ball, you're allowed to keep running and running?

Jere said...

(And if being injured by a throw DOES allow play to stop automatically, well if you're skimmed by a ball on a throw that goes to the fielder anyway and you're about to be tagged out, couldn't you just fall to the ground and go "owwww, I'm grazed, I'm grazed, that's my bad hip, I'll never walk again!"?)

allan said...

I think the umpire can call time by himself, without being asked. Like if he sees a fan or debris on the field. So if a player goes down, he stops play and the ball is dead.

9casey said...

Allan, i agree a judgement call. Monkey ball would be cool though...

Jere said...

"So if a player goes down, he stops play and the ball is dead."

But I know I've seen guys trip on the basepaths, and they're just left to fend for themselves, easily tagged out as they lie on the dirt. I have to believe the ump can only stop play if it's a throw (or debris or a bat or something) that hits him.

wilson said...

I think if the player performs the amputation himself, the runner has to go back.

hrstrat57 said...

Ellsbury and any pitcher that Seattle wants for King Felix.

Get it done!!!!

Jere said...

Ahhh, a radio listener. I just don't get it. "Let's trade the MVP." The reasoning is that "he'll cost too much." Yet we're this big market team with all this money. The excuse with Papelbon was that we didn't want to pay a closer that much. But now we don't think center fielders who are FUCKING AWESOME by the way aren't worth that much too? Why are we all under this assumption that we can't afford Ellsbury, if that's true, why aren't we super fucking pissed about it and calling for the team to do whatever it takes to sign him?

laura k said...

Thanks, Jere. Makes no sense to me either. And I know trade rumours are always hovering around Felix, but Seattle shouldn't give him up for a bat and a mediocre arm. It's ridiculous on both sides.

hrstrat57 said...


Nick agrees with me....

Bradley is going to be better than Ellsbury - might already be the best defensive player in the entire system. Hoping he comes to Pawtucket soon so I can see the wizardry first hand , but he might have to skip AAA and go right to the bigs if he starts hitting.

King Felix could bring us another title....quick. He is lights out good.

hrstrat57 said...

....I like Ellsbury a lot by the way, just like pitching better....

laura k said...

hrstrat57, we know a lot of media people agree with you, or rather you with them. As Jere said, "A radio listener." But seriously, quoting Nick Cafardo as proof of something? Really. (Other than when he's quoted to proof he's an idiot, that is.)

laura k said...

Also, I agree that Felix Hernandez would give the Red Sox more than Ellsbury ever could. But obviously a straight-up trade of Ellsbury for Hernandez is not going to happen, and I wouldn't give up our best pitcher + LBJ + whatever else it would take.

Bradley is irrelevant. He's not even in Pawtucket yet!

laura k said...

King Felix could bring us another title....quick.

I'm not being snarky or picking on hrstrat57, I'm asking a genuine question.

Are the 2012 Red Sox one great pitcher away from a championship, or even winning the division?

How would it be possible for one pitcher to make such a difference, given he can only influence the games he starts?

If one pitcher could create that kind of difference, the Red Sox would have won the WS in 1999 (and several other years) because of Pedro.

Felix Hernandez is amazing, but... this seems impossible. (As does getting him for an injured CF, but that's another story.)

hrstrat57 said...

Laura, we added Shilling to Martinez and Lowe....that team still scuffled all season in 2004 if you recall until the infamous Nomar trade...I see this team as very similar, scuffling (not quite as badly tho in all honesty) and needing a similar infusion....granted it is all luck of the draw but I recall (was it Millar?) saying to the Yankees don't let us win one game here you will be sorry....Why did he say that? Because you had the pitching all lined up...Martinez, Shilling and Lowe...lights out for the stripers. Pitching beats curses...something T Yawkey never figured out....

Felix, a re motivated Beckett and one more emerging from this pack of pitchers and a deep playoff run is possible(I actually think it is possible even w/o Felix)

Ellsbury will not resign here and he is from the PNW. Sawx are loaded with other trade bait, this hypothetical deal could get done.

Bad loss last night, sawx really need to roll through these west coast cupcakes.....

We are still in this thing folks!

laura k said...

Sorry, I don't understand your comparison between 2004 and 2012, or what the Millar quote or the Nomar trade has to do with it. I am as familiar with the history as you are, but what it means in context of Ellsbury-for-Felix, I haven't got a clue.

Saying Ellsbury is from the Pacific Northwest (a) shows where this idea originated, that idiot Cafardo, and (b) has absolutely no value to a trade.

No GM in his right mind would take a player who is still on the DL, has had limited playing time because of injury, and is soon to be a free agent looking for big money, in exchange for one of the best pitchers in baseball, because the player grew up in the area.

I'd still be interested in anyone taking a shot at my question.

allan said...

Laura, we added Shilling to Martinez and Lowe....that team still scuffled all season in 2004 if you recall until the infamous Nomar trade

And came no more than six inches from being swept in that fall's ALCS.

allan said...

Bradley is going to be better than Ellsbury -

According to this logic, why even bother with Felix, since Matt Barnes is gonna make us all forget Pedro even existed?

allan said...

I'd still be interested in anyone taking a shot at my question

Maybe SoSH ("Does this pitching roster need a No. 1?") can help.

laura k said...

Maybe SoSH ("Does this pitching roster need a No. 1?") can help.