June 2, 2012

The Story Behind The "Yankeedouche" Gif

If you've ever wondered, "Who are these guys?", SundownMotel has the story.

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The Omnipotent Q said...

I'd rather be strung up by my Achilles tendons over a pot of boiling oil than to spend five minutes in the presence of these schmucks.

Benjamin said...

Not really "the story" -- more "a story".

Patrick said...

Oh my god, this brought tears to my eyes. It doesn't even need the story, but the story is so good indeed.

allan said...

If you go to the comments on the story, there is a altered gif of the main guy making a pizza!

I really like FuckYouCruz, but as people in the SoSH thread have noted, PopcornGuy is a sleeper.

laura k said...

Not really "the story" -- more "a story".

Yes. I also expected "the story," only to be disappointed to find a bunch of other stuff. Oh well.