November 5, 2012

Ortiz: Valentine "Must Have Some Mental Issues Or Needs Medicine"

After officially signing a two-year contract with the Red Sox, David Ortiz responded in detail to former manager Bobby Valentine's asinine statement that Ortiz quit on the team after the Punto trade.

Valentine, "Costas Tonight", October 23:
He realized that this trade meant that we're not going to run this race and we're not even going to finish the race properly and he decided not to play anymore. I think at that time it was all downhill from there.
Ortiz, November 5:
No. 1, never bite the hand that feeds you, because in the end that will come back to bite you," Ortiz said. "I was one of those players that always showed support for him. In fact, I held a couple of player meetings.

No. 2, the day that I returned from the DL, I told him that I was not sure what percentage health-wise I was in, but that I could not be out there without trying to help. When I told him that, I put my career on the side to help him and the team. Being in an incredible amount of pain, I went out there to support them.

No. 3, after he went on national TV to say what he said, he sent me a text message trying to tell me that it was the media trying to change things. I did not respond to the message and I said to myself, this guy must have some mental issues or needs medicine or something? I said, I am dealing with someone crazy and I am not going to drive myself crazy, so it is better if I leave it alone.
True to form, Valentine knows he is on film saying XYZ but claims the media is twisting things to make it look like he said XYZ when (I guess) he really said ABC. (Who even knows if he believes it?) Ortiz is not buying any of it, of course, because Ortiz is not a moron.

I'm just grateful that Valentine is looooong gone and Ortiz is staying where he belongs.

The details of the deal: $1M signing bonus; $14M in 2013; $11M in 2014.


Amy said...

This is why Papi is so well-loved; not only is he a great hitter. He is a straight shooter who knows BS when he hears it. So glad we get to cheer for him for another two years.

FenFan said...

Whatever credibility he had left after one disasterous season at the helm, Valentine lost during that interview.

laura k said...

What Amy said. What FenFan said.

That is all.