November 15, 2012

Red Sox Finalize Deal For Catcher David Ross

The Red Sox have finalized their acquisition of catcher David Ross, signing him to two-year deal for $6.2 million. With Boston unlikely to carry three catchers in 2013, it seems as though either Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Ryan Lavarnway will be traded before Opening Day.

Some Ross stats from Alex Speier:
Atlanta went 54-35 (.607) in his 89 starts behind the plate over the last two seasons, the best winning percentage for any National League catcher with at least 65 starts in that time. The only catcher in the Majors with a better record from 2011-12 was Mike Napoli (.618).

Over the last four seasons, Ross has led the majors with a 3.33 catcher's ERA (min. 200 games), the best four-year stretch in the Major Leagues dating back to 1998.

He has thrown out 37.5 percent of attempted base stealers (99 of 264) over the last eight years, the second-best rate in the Majors after Yadier Molina's 40.0 mark (min. 400 games). In those eight seasons since 2005, he placed among the best National Leaguers in caught stealing percentage six times: 2005 (2nd, 53.8), 2006 (2nd, 41.4), 2007 (2nd, 39.0), 2009 (1st, 43.2), 2011 (4th, 31.2) and 2012 (3rd, 42.4).
Ross, 35, appeared in eight games for the Red Sox in September 2008, and went 1-for-8 at the plate.

As Atlanta's back-up, Ross has posted OPS+ of 133, 136, 107, and 105 over the last four seasons, since leaving Boston. He had a .353 OBP with Atlanta from 2009-12.


accudart said...

I like the signing even if he wasn't exactly cheap. I'd hate to see the other catchers move however.

Jere said...

Pic I took of Ross catching for the Red Sox in '08--check out the mask! I wonder if he'll still have that thing.

FenFan said...

Lavarnway is still pre-arbitration eligible and has two options remaining. Why deal him or Salty if there is no reason to do so? Worse case next season, Salty or Ross go down with injury and Lavarnway slides into that role.

Jared said...

The red sox have been short on nicknames lately. As a Doctor Who fan I welcome Davros as our leader in an undending war of attrition with the yankees.

Zenslinger said...

Despite high K's and low BA, I kind of felt like Salty arrived last season, both with his defense and his bat becoming more than acceptable for a catcher, still with potential to improve (although "potential" has been his middle name since he was a prospect with Atlanta). So although I buy the idea of Ross as a kind of super-backup based on his work since he left the Sox, I'm not sure we need him, unless they're just dead set on giving Lavarnaway the AB's in the minors to develop. Not sure it makes sense to trade Salty given all the uncertainty we've had at this position.