December 22, 2012

Francona's Book - "The Red Sox Years" - Coming in Late January

Due January 22, 2013!


Also: Gordon Edes reports that the Red Sox are "moving toward acquiring closer Joel Hanrahan from the Pittsburgh Pirates". ... Free agent Cody Ross signed a three-year deal with Arizona today (3/28).


Jess Mynes said...

Too bad it is w/ DS, otherwise I might read it.

laura k said...

I had to think who DS was. Some new nickname for CHB, I guess.

allan said...

I cannot imagine NOT reading this book.

mattymatty said...

I think Francona is terrific, but I always wonder about these books. It makes sense to write one if you're done as a manager, but now that he's managing in Cleveland... I recall that Joe Torre's book generated a significant amount of controversy. I wonder if Francona's has any impact on his current gig.

laura k said...

I cannot imagine NOT reading this book.

Seems like a must-read to me, too.