December 17, 2012

Stephen Drew Joins The Red Sox

The Red Sox have signed shortstop Stephen Drew to a one-year deal, worth $9.5 million.

This is a nice move for 2013, since Jose Iglesias, currently training in Arizona with Dustin Pedroia, has not proven he can major league pitching (a paltry .624 OPS in AAA last year). Actually, Iglesias's status in Boston could be in doubt, if top prospect Xander Bogaerts continues to develop quickly.

GM Ben Cherington: "We feel Jose is ready to compete for the job. We're not ready to give it to him."

Drew will be 30 years old next season.


allan said...

Blue Jays trade for R.A. Dickey.

allan said...

Drew is the 100th shortstop we have had since 2004. ... True fact.

FenFan said...

Drew is the 100th shortstop we have had since 2004. ... True fact.

Let's see, who have we used? By number of games played at that position (per

2004: Pokey Reese
2005: Edgar Renteria
2006: Alex Gonzalez
2007: Julio Lugo
2008: Julio Lugo
2009: Nick Green
2010: Marco Scutaro
2011: Marco Scutaro
2012: Mike Aviles

It truly has been a revolving door at short...

Most starts at that position in team history?

No, not Garciaparra (956 games)...

No, not Burleson (1005 games)...

Everett Scott with 1093 games between 1914 and 1921.

He also had the longest consecutive game stretch (1037 games) between 1916 and 1925. From the Bullpen: "On May 6, 1925, [now playing for the MFY,] [Scott] was benched in favor of Pee Wee Wanninger. Ironically, less than a month later, teammate Gehrig began his own streak when he entered a game as a pinch hitter for Wanninger. Scott's streak is still the third longest streak behind Cal Ripken and Gehrig."

allan said...

Okay, it's not really a fact! :>)

FenFan said...

Okay, it's not really a fact! :>)

Ha! :-)

But now you have me curious...

FenFan said...

Back to! Players with most starts for the Red Sox since 2004 by position:

C: Jason Varitek (2004-2009), Victor Martinez (2010), Jarrod Saltalamacchia (2011-2012)
1B: Kevin Millar (2004-2005), Kevin Youkilis (2006-2010), Adrian Gonzalez (2011-2012)
2B: Mark Bellhorn (2004-2005), Mark Loretta (2006), Dustin Pedroia (2007-2012)
3B: Bill Mueller (2004-2005), Mike Lowell (2006-2009), Adrian Beltre (2010), Youkilis (2011), Will Middlebrooks (2012)
LF: Manny Ramirez (2004-2008), Jason Bay (2009), Bill Hall (2010), Carl Crawford (2011), Daniel Nava (2012)
CF: Johnny Damon (2004-2005), Coco Crisp (2006-2008), Jacoby Ellsbury (2009), Darnell McDonald (2010), Ellsbury (2011-2012)
RF: Gabe Kapler (2004), Trot Nixon (2005-2006), J.D. Drew (2007-2011), Cody Ross (2012)
DH: David Ortiz (2004-2012)

So the totals are:

C: 3 players
1B: 3 players
2B: 3 players
3B: 5 players
SS: 7 players
LF: 5 players
CF: 4 players
RF: 4 players
DH: 1 player

Looks like third base and left field have seen some recent "instability," too, with a different player at each position over the past four seasons. Not something that I noticed until now.

Regardless, the shortstop role has been the most unstable position in the Boston lineup since Garciaparra's departure. I don't need to know that. ;-)

FenFan said...

I suppose that I should reference where I'm getting my information versus stating

allan said...

Here we go!
Shortstops and games played.

Reese 71
Cabrera 57
Nomar 37
Crespo 27
Gutierrez 6
Bellhorn 1

Renteria 153
Vazquez 12
Cora 11
Ramirez 2
Bellhorn 1
Machado 1

Gonzalez 111
Cora 63
Pedroia 6

Lugo 145
Cora 33
Clayton 1

Lugo 81
Cora 69
Lowrie 49
Velazquez 1

Green 81
Gonzalez 44
Lugo 32
Lowrie 26
Woodward 4
Velazquez 4

Scutaro 132
Lowrie 23
Navarro 15
Hall 6
Sanchez 1
Lopez 1

Scutaro 109
Lowrie 49
Aviles 8
Iglesias 8
Sutton 4
Navarro 3

Aviles 128
Iglesias 24
Ciriaco 12
Punto 6
DeJesus 1

allan said...

I think that's 30 since the start of 2004.

allan said...

It's not only SS.
In 2006, we used 10 players in LF, including Carlos Pena for one start!!

FenFan said...

You definitely dove a little deeper in your assessment. I was looking only at who had the most starts each season by position.

Interesting that if Alex Cora had made some of the starts in place of Lugo in 2008, I would have ID'd eight instead of seven in my original list!

FenFan said...

Maybe a new team stat: stability by position versus league average? Would be interesting to see whether it correlates to post-season success, for instance.

allan said...

JD Drew, on his brother playing for the Sox: here.

allan said...

OTM: What Stephen Drew Means To Boston's Shortstop Prospects

Rick (f/k/a westcoastsox) said...


Zenslinger said...

This signing is too cool. Drew was .850-ish OPS in his two best seasons, so there's a definite ceiling there. And there was no point saving our pennies this year.