January 20, 2013

RIP: Earl Weaver And Stan Musial

Earl Weaver (82) and Stan Musial (92) have died.

This was staged, but it's pure Weaver - who hated wasting outs (naughty language galore):

And an argument (some fuckin swearing in this one, too):

Weaver: "This ain't football. We do this every day."


allan said...

A SoSHer has a follow-up to the argument video:

I'm pretty sure the following ending to the story in that video is right, but you can't hear it. The late Flanagan I think told this story - in the video you can see Earl going to the mound talk to Flanagan on the way to the showers and the exchange supposedly went like this: Earl to Flanagan "So, did you balk?" - Flanagan to Earl "Yeah, I think I did." And Earl answers him "Well then, fuck you, too" and heads for the dugout.


FenFan said...

Weaver made an art out of the argument with the umpire. I've seen the latter video clip a few times and it never gets old. :-)

allan said...

The ump gets the line of the night off, though. When Weaver says he'll be going into the Hall of Fame, the ump says, "For what, fuckin' up World Series?" Poor Earl, reduced to yelling: GAMES! You gotta count games!

johngoldfine said...

That follow-up with Flanagan is perfect--too bad it wasn't part of the video.

The umpire did touch Weaver, didn't he? So, he knew he was in the wrong and had to listen to the abuse! But that WS remark certainly was not intended to calm the waters!