April 23, 2013

G20: Athletics 13, Red Sox 0 (7)

Athletics - 006 241 0 - 13 13  0
Red Sox   - 000 000 0 -  0  3  2
Aceves's start was as foul as the weather - a 42 degree night with constant drizzle and strong winds blowing in from center field. The tarp was dragged out after the seventh inning, and the game was called after a 37-minute delay.

This is what Aceves (3.1-7-8-4-3, 80) did in the third inning: He threw 42 pitches to 11 batters, and allowed three hits, three walks, and six runs. He also balked twice, was late covering first base on a grounder to Mike Napoli, and made a throwing error.

Steven Wright (3.2-6-5-4-4, 82) made his debut, relieving Aceves in the fourth.

Boston could do absolutely nothing with Colon (7-3-0-1-7, 94). He allowed only one hit through the first four innings, and he struck out the side in the seventh.

Red Sox baserunners: Dustin Pedroia had an infield single in the first, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jonny Gomes hit back-to-back singles in the fifth. Jacoby Ellsbury drew a walk in the sixth and was stranded at third base - the closest Boston came to scoring a run.
Bartolo Colon / Alfredo Aceves
Ellsbury, CF
Victorino, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Napoli, 1B
Nava, LF
Middlebrooks, 3B
Saltalamacchia, C
Gomes, DH
Drew, SS
Mike Napoli has an MLB-best 25 RBI in 19 games. That is the most by a Red Sox player in the first 19 games of a season since 1940. Here is a list, courtesy of Elias:

Red Sox RBI In First 19 Games Of Season, And Season Total
1938 Jimmie Foxx  29  (175) 
1940 Jimmie Foxx  27  (119) 
2013 Mike Napoli  25  ( ? ) 
1995 Mo Vaughn    25  (126) 
1941 Bobby Doerr  20  ( 93)
Napoli's teammates are impressed. Also, he has been doing most of his hitting with men on base.
              AVG    OBP    SLG
Bases Empty  .194   .242   .419 
Men on Base  .333   .373   .667 
With RATS    .370   .414   .630
Manny Ramirez holds the Red Sox record for April RBIs with 31 (2001). Boston has seven games remaining in the month. (That Elias list is wrong, I think. I counted 21 RBI for Manny in the first 19 games of 2001, but he is not on the list.)

Finally, Napoli has 14 extra-base hits to go along with his 25 RBI. No Red Sox batter in at least 98 years (since 1916) has had those totals in a season's first 19 games.

David Ortiz walked into a restaurant on Saturday night and got a fucking standing ovation.
I'm telling you, people stopped eating dinner and were like, "Yeah!" My Twitter account went up like 50,000 people. It had happened to me once when we won the World Series the first time. But this was different. ... I haven't heard anything negative from nobody. Nobody. Not one person.

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