May 31, 2013

Schadenfreude 155 (A Continuing Series)

The Post had the series preview:

Then they played the games:
Mets 2, Yankees 1
Mets 2, Yankees 1
Mets 9, Yankees 4
Mets 3, Yankees 1

Ken Davidoff, Post:
Fantasy camp's over, Yankees. Time to start the regular season in earnest.

All-Star players and All-Star opponents will be in The Bronx tonight. Could Joe Girardi's group be receiving a starker signal that they’re entering a new phase of 2013? ...

Have you seen the movies "Three Amigos!" or "Galaxy Quest"? In both, actors convince masses they are actually the roles they are playing — until, mid-film, they are exposed as frauds. That's where we are in this Yankees season. For a while, they had everyone going that this roster constituted a championship-caliber club. Then people caught onto the scam.

Or, their fantasy-camp vibe — "Hey, Overbay, the Red Sox released you? Come on in here and play first base for us!" — predictably dissipated.
George A. King III, Post:
When Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis arrive in The Bronx today, they better bring pails and shovels and assist in the bailing effort.

It took until the last week of May before the Yankees' were exposed as the team attempting to cover up too many holes.

Now, after being swept by the lowly Mets in the four-game Subway Series and riding a season-low five-game losing streak the Yankees are in a free-fall that might be too fast for Youkilis and Teixiera to reverse.
Anthony McCarron, Daily News:
Not exactly the way the Yankees wanted to enter a weekend series against the first-place Red Sox at the Stadium. They were outscored, 16-7, in the series and their final 20 hitters Thursday night made outs.
Associated Press:
The Mets tied a franchise record by going three straight games without allowing a walk, the first time they've accomplished the feat since July 5-7, 1994, according to STATS. Yankees batters, usually patient, have gone three games without a free pass since June 12-14, 1991, when Kevin Maas was their cleanup hitter.


FenFan said...

Ha! Nice...

laura k said...

The ultimate humiliation for NYY fans!