August 18, 2013

G126: Yankees 9, Red Sox 6

Yankees - 021 004 101 - 9 17  0
Red Sox - 201 210 000 - 6  9  0
CC Sabathia / Ryan Dempster
Ellsbury, CF
Victorino, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Gomes, LF
Saltalamacchia, C
Nava, 1B
Drew, SS
Middlebrooks, 3B


allan said...

Hi, I'm Nick Cafardo. Guess what I found? The Red Sox do not hit very well in games in which they get shutout! It's true!

mattymatty said...

"If you see a game where they get shut out or they get dominated, it’s because whoever is pitching isn’t allowing them to get into their game."

We needed a scout to tell us that? If you pitch a good game you can beat the Red Sox? I had no idea! Thanks for your expertise!

Also, you gotta love that that article published a day after the Red Sox beat Hiroki Kuroda, the poster child for throwing exactly the kind of game this guy is talking about (lots of strikes, few walks, make the Sox hit it).

allan said...

I love how he never names the scouts he talks to, like they all know they are talking about top-secret stuff. Most teams would like Miguel Cabrera free of charge. Ooooh, better credit that controversial quote to "anonymous".

laura k said...

You guys are cracking me up.

mattymatty said...

What a horrible game. Just rotten on every single level. Bad pitching, bad hitting, bad sportsmanship, bad managing, bad fans, bad people winning, vanity, egotism, putting one's self in front of the team, which is egotism, but I can't be bothered to fix it UGH... I'm so angry right now.

Tom DePlonty said...

Maybe the plan was that Dempster would get tossed and replaced by an actual pitcher.

tim said...

Bad sportsmanship? Anyone that says Dempster plunking A-Rod tarnishes the integrity of the game can take a hike! If there's anyone that exemplifies a lack of integrity, maybe its the guy that got suspended for over 200 games for cheating and lying about it - wouldn't you say?

Good on Dempster, made up for his terrible pitching performance. Now if only every other pitcher that faces the Yankees will follow suit.

He's a grown man getting hit by a baseball, poor sportsmanship, boo hoo. He took his base and scored a run off of it, so whatever.

9casey said...

I didnt see Dempster hitting Arod as the statement people are making it out to be. I saw it more of a statement that that the yankees didnt hit back.

Amy said...

I'm with Mattymatty. What a completely stupid move. It just made ARod a reason for his team to unite and made him a victim instead of a villain. I NEVER agree with throwing at a player and will NEVER accept it as part of the game, but my objection here goes beyond the usual objection. This was just plain stupid and likely cost the Sox the game. They had the momentum until Dempster threw it away.

tim said...

Meh. If that's what it takes for a team to rally around a douchebag, what does that say about the team?

Cost them the game...maybe Dempster got unfocused and riled up by the crowd after he beaned what? He put on the game winning runs, but someone else gave them up.

If the Sox "threw away" momentum from that moment...then I don't know what to think, would seem from the crowd rallying that they would draw off it.

As for "part of the game" - its mickey mouse. Dickweed with the biggest suspension ever got beaned by a pitch. Meh. Not gonna lose any sleep over it. Its a HBP and thats it, I'm not going to bother looking for some moral fiber beyond that.

Fuck that rod.

laura k said...

What Tim said. Bad sportsmanship, plunking Alex Rodriguez?? Can you all really climb on a that high a horse?

And letting one guy on base cost the Sox the game? Look at the line score - it did not.

If Alex Rodriguez, with all he's done, can turn from villian to victim merely by getting HBP... that says WAY MORE about NYY, NYY fans (and I suppose, the broadcasters, although I had the sound off) than it does about Ryan Dempster and the Red Sox.

Amy said...

I guess we will just have to disagree on both the general practice of throwing at a hitter, which I have always thought was just wrong, and the specific use of that practice in that game and its consequences. I hate ARod as much as anyone and have no sympathy for him on any level, but I just don't agree that that is part of the game any more than batting a ball out of a player's hand or making a noise to throw off a fielder trying to catch a ball is part of the game. It's bush league, and in the case of throwing at a player, potentially harmful.

tim said...

I heard the HBP on the MLB satellite radio, was the Red Sox feed - whoever was with Castig said "you get the feeling Dempster did that for all of baseball...national audience..." etc.

I wanted to make one comment and be done, but got all riled up yesterday after I read some ESPN NY article online about how big of a moment it was, when the Yankees overtake the Rays and Red Sox they will look back on that pitch, etc. etc. - A-Rod is so great, etc. etc.

This is the same media that was burning him at the stake a couple weeks ago. It's not that their 180 degree switch was unexpected, but its still annoying nevertheless.

laura k said...

I actually don't hate Alex Rodriguez. As someone who followed his MLB career from the very beginning and who once adored him, I find his story fascinating. I dislike what he's become but strangely, I have sympathy for him, too. What a train wreck of a man.

As far as danger, there is no real possibility of anyone being hurt by a harmless plunk on the wallet. We disagree on the place of HBP in baseball, sure. But I don't think we should exaggerate the potential for actual harm. Plays at the plate are way more dangerous than 90% of HBPs.

9casey said...

L, do you have sympathy for Bonds, Armstrong and Braun. And that list can go on and on. This isnt a case of everyone picking on the weakest kid in class. This is the bullying cheater finally, hopefully, getting what he deserves...

What hapenned on Sunday never shoud have happened because he shouln't even be there..

laura k said...

I have sympathy for Alex in a different way than I do for any other player. To me he is a classic tale - rags to riches and back again - although he still has material riches, his image and reputation will forever be in rags.

He came from a poor background, had tons of talent, but squandered it all because he had to be bigger and better and greater than everyone else. Plus he turned out to be a major jerk, which is even worse than being a cheater, IMO.

When I think of that young phenom with Seattle, and what he is now, it's hard to believe he's the same person.

I don't expect anyone else to feel this way or even understand what I'm on about. :)

I never hated Bonds, and I never will. I have no reason to. I really don't care about steroid use. I have no anger against players who used steroids. I wish MLB and the MLPA had done something about it a long time ago, but they weren't about to kill their gigantic cash cow. Instead they profitted from it HUGELY, now MLB hangs the players out to dry, and the media acts all sanctimonious - as do the fans who also lapped up the steroid era for all it was worth.

To me the whole steroid mess is so laden with hypocrisy and duplicity and self-righteousness that to single out the players alone, as if they used this stuff on another planet that no one knew about is ludicrous.

laura k said...

This isnt a case of everyone picking on the weakest kid in class. This is the bullying cheater finally, hopefully, getting what he deserves...

I didn't mean I don't like to see Rodriguez boo'd or I HBP or excoriated in the meida! Oh god no!

I meant I have some sympathy for him as a person, an incredibly talented man who ruined his own life. I feel for people who fuck up so badly. I feel sorry for him on some level.

And I think every pitcher should plunk him once in every game from now until October!

allan said...

David Ortiz: "I didn't like it. I don't think it was the right thing to do. But we don't all think alike, and the guy who did it, Dempster, is a great guy. It's not that I didn't think it was right because Alex and I are friends, because once you cross the white lines, everyone's on their own. But we've got Tampa right on our heels, and that pitch woke up a monster in the Yankees team at that moment. You saw how the game ended up. CC [Sabathia] was throwing 91 [mph] and started throwing 96. Alex later hit one way out there. You're talking about a good team that you can't wake up. But we learn from our mistakes."

Amy said...

I'm glad that Papi agrees with me, even if most of you don't! He's the one that plays the game while the rest of us just sit back and watch. :)