September 8, 2013

Schadenfreude 168 (A Continuing Series)

Mark Feinsand, Daily News:
Whatever the opposite of the Boston Massacre is, we're witnessing it this weekend at Yankee Stadium.

For the first time in three days, there was no late-inning collapse by the Yankees bullpen. Instead, it was an early-inning failure by the starter that doomed the Bombers on Saturday afternoon.
Bill Madden, Daily News:
They have somehow given New York a baseball season with meaningful games in September, the Yankees have, but it is an illusionary one and, judging by all those empty seats at Yankee Stadium against the Red Sox, their fans seem to agree. ...

You get the feeling Yankee fans understand this. Maybe it's because the common fans have been priced out of the new Stadium, leaving the moated fortress to the privileged, dispassionate corporate millionaires and their equally privileged guests. ... How else to explain the 10,000 empty seats Thursday night in what was the most important game of the year — against the Red Sox — and the general apathy in the stands until the Yankees’ six-run rally in the seventh (when a lot of those fans had already left)?
John Harper, Daily News:
[T]hey're hemorrhaging blood after being assaulted by the Red Sox for an astounding total of 34 runs the last three days at the Stadium, making you wonder how they'll survive Game 4 of this Demolition Derby, never mind the next seven days in Baltimore and Boston.

Their bullpen is suddenly decimated by injuries, to the point where the Yankee brass may be only another sore arm away from holding open tryouts for pitchers.
Ken Davidoff, Post:
Where are they going to find the arms that will stop this bleeding?

Even another injury departure for Derek Jeter couldn't overshadow a third consecutive pitching meltdown that left the Yankees as 13-9 losers to the rival Red Sox at Yankee Stadium on Saturday afternoon, giving them a historic dishonor. As FOX's sideline reporter Ken Rosenthal shared (courtesy of Stats Inc.), never before had an American League team lost three straight home games in which it scored at least eight runs per contest.
Joel Sherman, Post:
[Derek] Jeter continues to symbolize Yankees decay. ...

In the top of the sixth, Jeter could not muster the leg strength to plant and deliver accurately from the hole, throwing away a Jonny Gomes grounder. Jeter did produce what has become a rare hit in the bottom of the frame, an RBI single, but he ran with such a gimp that he was removed for a pinch-runner.
Peter Botte, Daily News:
Derek Jeter seemingly has had as many medical tests as hits this season, and the Yankee captain landed back at the hospital on Saturday.

Jeter, who has been on the disabled list three times in 2013, was sent to New York-Presbyterian to have his surgically repaired left ankle checked out after the hobbling shortstop was removed for a pinch runner in the sixth inning of a 13-9 loss to the Red Sox at the Stadium.

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