September 30, 2013

Red Sox Begin ALDS On Friday At 3 PM

MLB's schedule for the first six days of the postseason:

Tuesday, October 1
NL Wild Card: Reds at Pirates, 8 PM
Wednesday, October 2
AL Wild Card: Rays at Cleveland, 8 PM
Thursday, October 3
NLDS 1: Reds/Pirates at Cardinals, 5 PM
NLDS 1: Dodgers at Atlanta, 8:30 PM
Friday, October 4
NLDS 2: Reds/Pirates at Cardinals, 1 PM
ALDS 1: Rays/Cleveland at Red Sox, 3 PM
NLDS 2: Dodgers at Atlanta, 6 PM
ALDS 1: Tigers at Athletics, 9:30 PM
Saturday, October 5
ALDS 2: Rays/Cleveland at Red Sox, 5:30 PM
ALDS 2: Tigers at Athletics, 9 PM
Sunday, October 6
NLDS 3: Cardinals at Reds/Pirates
NLCS 3: Atlanta at Dodgers


Tom DePlonty said...

I'm kind of rooting for Cleveland Wednesday, the whole Tito/Farrell thing would be fun. But whether it's Cleveland or FKR, I'm mostly rooting for like a 19-inning game.

allan said...

Despite beating them in 12 of 19 games this season, I'd rather not face Tampa's starters.

Also: Feel free to gamethread the other postseason games on the board!

allan said...

According to nearly 2,000 ESPNBoston readers, Cleveland is 91% preferred.

allan said...

PEDRO talks about his broadcasting gig.

allan said...

Once-mighty Yankees now look fragile as team legends fade with no replacements in sight

With the retirements of icons Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera, a diminished Derek Jeter who has plenty to prove after an injury-wrecked season and the possible free-agent departure of Robinson Cano, among other concerns, the Yankees are vulnerable and teetering on the precipice.

FenFan said...

According to nearly 2,000 ESPNBoston readers, Cleveland is 91% preferred.

I would prefer to play the Spiders as well. David Price has become scary good over the latter half of the season.