December 21, 2013

Early Xmas

Joel Sherman, Post:
The Yankees have accomplished the near impossible — they had the oldest player in the majors (Mariano Rivera) and the oldest starter (Andy Pettitte) retire and yet somehow have gotten older this offseason.

Thus, the Yankees saw one of their biggest problems — the decay physically and statistically in older players — and doubled down on it rather than run away. This is what happens when you have a putrid farm system combined with a never-rebuild philosophy combined with hundreds of millions of dollars to spend.


mattymatty said...

That's true in the abstract, but the Ellsbury and McCann deals are both, IMO, good deals. They both are to older players, but that's what happens when you buy on the FA market. They'll both make the Yankees better. I'm not convinced the Yankees will be any better than they were last season though, because the Yankees last season weren't as good as their record says they were (Rany Jazayerli covered that at Grantland a week or so ago).

Jere said...

"They'll both make the Yankees better."

Did you hear they lost Cano?

mattymatty said...

I did hear that, yes. I said Ellsbury and McCann made the Yankees better. I didn't say anything about the Yankees being better overall.