July 31, 2014

A Busy Day: Drew To Yankees, Miller To Orioles

Stephen Drew has been traded to the Yankees for Kelly Johnson. It's the first trade between the two rivals since 1997. (So will Jeter be moving to third base to make room for Drew?)

And Andrew Miller has been dealt to the Orioles in exchange for pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez, the #3 prospect in the Orioles' farm system according to mlb.com. Rodriguez is 21 years old and pitching in AA.
According to SoSH's Trading Scorecard:
SP Felix Doubront
SP Jon Lester
SP John Lackey
SP Jake Peavy
OF Jonny Gomes
SP Corey Littrell (A+)
RP Andrew Miller
SS Stephen Drew

RP Heath Hembree (25, RH reliever, AAA)
SP Edwin Escobar (22, LH starter, AAA)
OF Yoenis Cespedes (28, RH batter, MLB)
SP Joe Kelly (26, RH starter, MLB)
OF/1B Allen Craig (30, RH batter, MLB)
SP Eduardo Rodriguez (21, LH starter, AA)
UT Kelly Johnson (32, LH batter, MLB)
PTBNL from Cubs
Competitive Balance Pick from A's


allan said...

Jesus, what a day!

laura k said...

(So will Jeter be moving to third base to make room for Drew?)

LOL. Remember when people asked that seriously re A-Rod?

I always said there was only way to get Jeter out of SS, and it's finally going to happen at the end of this season.

allan said...

Supposedly, Drew will play 2B.

9casey said...

I have no idea but this has to be the most players a team has traded at the deadline ever. At least a World Champion team.

Tom DePlonty said...

Quite a job Farrell is going to have over the next couple of days and weeks.

Kathryn said...

A crazy, busy day. Remember when we used to lament that we sat still at the trading deadline ???

allan said...

X back to SS, WMB at 3B.

Michael said...

Drew at 2B.