March 15, 2015

Napoli Dreams Big

Mike Napoli cranked two home runs yesterday and is 7-for-15 this spring.

He also described two vivid dreams he had recently:
I was roller skating with old school roller skates, headband, jean shorts, tank-top, old school earphones with the cassette player, skating through a city. Like dancing skating. Through cars, busses going by. I went by the Ritz and an NBA basketball team was checking into the hotel. Then all of a sudden I ended up being in a mall, skating around the mall, just dancing around and going around and around the mall.


johngoldfine said...

He feels young, energetic, hungry, wants to put on the ritz, and is eager to dance--maybe on a duckboat!

Michael said...

We need to immortalize this in a new nickname.

paul hickman said...

Perhaps Skaterboi ???