August 22, 2015

Millions Of Baseball Cards Found In Abandoned Detroit Warehouse

Roc Morin, Daily Mail (UK):
A collection of sports cards estimated to be worth more than $1 million has been discovered in an abandoned warehouse in Detroit.

Millions of the Topps cards were packed away in dust-covered crates, with thousands more strewn over the floor of the derelict building.

The mint-condition collectibles, dating from the late 1980s and 90s, were discovered by a team of urban explorers whose hobby is to venture into forgotten man-made structures. ...

At least one man, who goes by the name of Slanks, regularly frequents the factory to find cards to sell, claiming it has been his primary source of income.

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Jere said...

There's something so odd about this story. First of all, the only "million dollars" involved with '89 Topps is the million you'd have to pay someone to take them off your hands. By sheer volume, yeah, you could get SOME money out of these cards, but it would be in short bursts of getting a few bucks for each case or thousand-card lots. Second of all, what's with those uncut sheets? I have seen plenty of uncut sheets and they never have that much white space, and they also would crease as opposed to drape, as some in the pictures appear to be doing. It's definitely interesting that all these cards were abandoned, but it's not exactly a treasure. A warehouse full of cards from EIGHTEEN eighty-nine would be another story!