September 25, 2015

G153: Red Sox 7, Orioles 0

Orioles - 000 000 000 - 0  2  0
Red Sox - 001 013 02x - 7  9  1
Rich Hill: 9-2-0-1-10, 116.

Rich Hill is the only major league pitcher in the last 100 years to record at least 10 strikeouts in each of his first three career starts with any single American League team.

He is also the first pitcher since 1900 to make his season debut in September or later and have 10+ strikeouts in his first three games of that season.

Longest Red Sox Streaks with 10+ strikeouts and no more than 1 walk, last 100 Years:
3 Games, Rich Hill, 2015
3 Games, Pedro Martinez, 1999
(Thanks to Jon Shestakofsky for the factoids.)

Mookie Betts robbed Chris Davis of a home run, leaping over the bullpen wall and snagging the ball for the final out of the game (video).

Kevin Gausman / Rich Hill
Betts, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Bogaerts, SS
Ortiz, DH
Shaw, 1B
Marrero, 3B
Holt, LF
Leon, C
Bradley, CF
Also: Rays/Blue Jays and White Sox/Yankees. ... The Blue Jays' East-clinching magic number is 8. It has been 22 years since Toronto finished atop the division (1993).


Maurice said...

Hey. Was that the same bullpen cop from the Torri Hunter incident?

allan said...

Yes, it was.