May 14, 2016

600+ Doubles and 500+ Home Runs

Major League Players With 600+ Doubles And 500+ Home Runs
                 Doubles       Home Runs
Barry Bonds      601 (#14)     762 (#1)
Hank Aaron       624 (#10)     755 (#2)
David Ortiz      600 (#15)     513 (#22)
Also included is the All-Time ranking.


allan said...

Active players:
Albert Pujols: 585 doubles, 567 homers
Alex Rodriguez: 544 doubles, 692 homers

Mike376 said...

Ortiz is having a phenomenal year- 2016. He is in rare territory with Aaron and Bonds with 600 2Bs and 500 HRs. In 2016 Ortiz is on pace to set the all time season doubles record, close to the record for extra base hits in a season, and has a shot at the triple crown. And he is having the greatest season ever of any 40-year old player. He even reminds me a little of Ruth when he swings. A definite HOFer unless his steroids rumors do him in.

Pujols will definitely join the 600 2Bs, 500 HRs club. And also the 600 2Bs, 800 HRs club. A-Rod will probably retire after this year, so he won't get to 600 2Bs, although he will reach 700 HRs.

Cabrera will also reach the 600 2Bs, 500 HRs group. Beltre will hit 600 2Bs, but most likely will not quite make the 500 HRs list. Both definite HOFers.

Jeremy said...

Pujols 600/800? No way. His swing has slowed down dramatically as his knees are pretty well gone. He's driven in a lot of runs this year, but his average and power are wilting. He's out of the majors in three years time. He ends his career around 670/670, but passes A-Rod for 3rd with 2100+ RBI. You A-Rod prediction didn't pan out Mike. No 700. Cabrera is 3 years younger than Pujols, but has been slowed a bit by injury. He'll play in some roll for 4-5 more and will wind up with maybe wind up at 680/600ish with somewhere around 2100 RBI. I think Beltre will get 500 HR.

ronny Wasserstrom said...

What’s interesting to add to this is triples. Players like Mays and Ruth may have not gotten 600 doubles (though they both reached 500) but each had over 130 triples,(Ruth 136, Mays 140, so eerily similar), so it’s almost like they get penalized for being too good to stop at second.