May 14, 2016

Is This How Ads On Uniforms Starts?

Major League Baseball has announced that they will be holding "Play Ball Weekend" this upcoming weekend (May 14-15) which will feature in-game jersey patches and special batting practice tops as part of their promotion of youth participation in baseball and softball.
Here is a story on what individual teams are doing. And here is Boston's Travis Shaw wearing the patch on Saturday, May 14:
I'm not sure why MLB can't conduct its various weekend activities and donate money and publicize its efforts without having actual patches on everyone's uniforms. This strikes me as a very slippery slope.


Bill Jones said...

With all the billboards they have in the stadium they still have to put a patch on the uniform it's kind of stupid

Dr. Jeff said...

I love watching EPL but the soccer uniforms don't even mention the team in any large text. Just the sponsor. So you are not really watching Liverpool, you are watching "Standard Chartered".

Maxwell Horse said...

"Hello, my name is Travis."

softserve solutions said...

I thought the same thing about the Boston Strong logos. This is how it starts, because you can't argue with charity.

I was at Fenway this week with somebody who hadn't been since the green monster got all of those tattoos it's sporting now. In catching him up, I was reminded of how they used that Jimmy Fund logo to get the ball rolling. Charity logos are a great way to open the door for the more corporate stuff.

In soccer, Barcelona was able to break their Yankees-style uniform sanctity by partnering with Unicef for about five years...then move Unicef to the back and start renting out the front.

Jere said...

"Yankees-style uniform sanctity"

You mean the RICOH Yankees?

Dr. Jeff said...

76ers just announced that they will put StubHub logo on their jerseys.