March 17, 2017

Everyone Loves A Contest #21: 2017 Red Sox W-L

With Opening Day a little more than two weeks away (April 3), it's time for this year's Red Sox W-L Contest!

Correctly guess Boston's 2017 regular season record and you could win a copy of The New Baseball Bible: Notes, Nuggets, Lists, and Legends from Our National Pastime, by Dan Schlossberg.

Contest entries must be emailed to me and include the following two items:

1. Predicted 2017 W-L record
2. Tiebreaker: Chris Sale's ERA

W-L guesses must be exact. Tiebreaker winner, if needed, will be the closest guess, either over or under.

Deadline: Sunday, April 2, 11:59 PM.

1 comment:

tim said...

Done...go big* or go home.

* - relatively speaking...