March 29, 2017

SB Nation: "Red Sox Are The Easy Pick For First" In AL East

From SB Nation's 2017 Season Preview:
1. Boston Red Sox
2. Toronto Blue Jays
3. Tampa Bay Rays
4. New York Yankees
5. Baltimore Orioles

This is easily the most difficult division to predict. Not at the top, with the Red Sox having a clear advantage according to the computers and our common sense, but the rest of the way down. ...

The Red Sox are the easy pick for first, and there's a temptation to suffer from Red Sox fatigue and talk yourself into a wacky surprise of a pick. Don't fall for it. Even if David Price is out until May, this is a team with everything you want to see in a franchise: a stable mix of veterans and youngsters, a deep minor-league system, and the money and willingness to fix problems as they come up.


Zenslinger said...

There is such a thing as an Umpire Ejection Fantasy League!

SJJ said...

Thanks for assembling this!

PS I think Fangraphs actually has Rays winning a lot more games than this shows.