April 16, 2018

G16-G22: Red Sox at Angels, Athletics, Blue Jays

I am away for the next nine days, exploring Vancouver Island.

This is what the Red Sox will be doing:
G16 - Tuesday, April 17:     Red Sox at Angels, 10 PM
G17 - Wednesday, April 18:   Red Sox at Angels, 10 PM
G18 - Thursday, April 19:    Red Sox at Angels, 10 PM
G19 - Friday, April 20:      Red Sox at Athletics, 10 PM
G20 - Saturday, April 21:    Red Sox at Athletics, 9 PM
G21 - Sunday, April 22:      Red Sox at Athletics, 4 PM
G22 - Tuesday, April 24:     Red Sox at Blue Jays, 7 PM
Hey, Red Sox: If you want to be 20-2 when I watch you two Wednesdays from now, go right ahead.


allan said...


David Cho said...

When the Red Sox or the Yankees play the Angels here, I am told that their fans almost always outnumber the Angel fans. At the Dodger stadium, I have never seen a visiting team's fans outnumber the home team crowd, but it happens at the Angel stadium regularly.

I asked about five Angel fans which group of fans is more obnoxious. The unanimous consensus says Red Sox fans.

Don't shoot me. I'm just reporting the poll results :).

David Cho said...

Great job sweeping the Angels!. I should have finished my thought above. I love that Red Sox fans are irritating Angels fans. They need to more irritation.

Told Laura that I will be in NYC the last weekend of June, so we will be attending a Red Sox - Yankees game. We will all be rooting for the Red Sox!

allan said...

The Red Sox seem to be taking my "20-2" suggestion seriously.

allan said...

David Schoenfield, ESPN:
OK, it's only the 18th game for Boston, but Mookie Betts is at .400/.493/.817 after hitting his second leadoff home run of the series against the Angels and that's an awesome line. He already has 21 runs, tied with Johnny Pesky (1950) and Ted Williams (1942) for most by a Red Sox player through 18 games.

paul hickman said...

The way things are going perhaps you should look around & plan on staying awhile !!!!!!!

17-2 & looking to be just the 6th team in MLB History to start 18-2 ........ I bet Laura wishes she had gone 120+ now ?

Mookie is getting so hot that Spontaneous Human Combustion is a real possibility ? And he ain't the only one ........