May 19, 2018

NESN Presents Red Sox Superstar "Mooke" Betts

The only conceivable way NESN could sink any lower than it did on Saturday night is if it misspelled "Pedro" or "2004". ... Or "NESN".

Thanks to Jere (fellow member of the NESN Non-Appreciation Society):

That is from last night's postgame show.

It cannot be denied:


allan said...

"Tonight on NSEN, we take a look back at Pedrough and the amazing postseason of the 2040 Red Sox."

Nick Sincere said...

Hey Allan, are you going to post about the Rays using Sergio Romo in the first inning to neutralize the top of the batting order and give their rookie left-hander a break. Sounds good to me. What do you think?

allan said...

I saw that. Interesting idea. I believe more scoring is done in the first inning than any other, so it makes a bit of sense.

Jere said...

In that one phase NESN went through where they had a lot of misspellings (the "Gloden" Age?), they somehow spelled "Ft. Myers" wrong. I think they had an apostrophe in there.

allan said...

Welcome to Red Sox Bassball.

The man wore #8. Of course, I am talking about Yas.

When you think of clutch hitters, you immediately think of Davis Ortease.