June 14, 2019

Anti-NESN Limericks

During the third inning last night , Red Sox radio announcers Sean McDonough and Joe Castiglione were having fun with limericks. It turns out that Rangers' radio announcer Eric Nadel has published a book of 175 limericks (with the unfortunate title of Lim-Eric). McDonough was trying hard not to make fun of the book (or maybe just its title) before both men started reciting limericks which could not be finished on the air.

Right after Xander Dongaerts gave the Red Sox a 7-6 lead in a game that did not start out as particularly winnable, NESN's Dave O'Brien said: "Kinda felt that comin' all night, didn't you?"

Jere commented about O'Brien's remark in the game thread:
OB is just an idiot. He certainly hadn't been hinting at this, and to add "all night" implies they'd been tied or at least in striking distance all night, which they hadn't been until recently. Remy, as baffled as the rest of us, answered his question by saying "I don't know WHAT's coming tonight."
I responded:
Yes, when the Red Sox were down 4-0 before they even batted - or when they were down 6-1 and their starter had been shelled after getting only 4 outs - I MOST CERTAINLY felt that they would have the lead in the 7th inning. ... Perfectly natural, considering the way this team has played all season!!!!
I also had absolutely no doubt O'Brien said a few gloomy things about the game and the state of the team in the early innings, comments he was now pretending never existed. (And it pains me to do this but ... OB might have had a point. The bullpen was putting up zeroes and the Red Sox were cutting into the lead, so maybe you could have thought that Boston might come back.)

Then I posted a bit of verse "from my upcoming collection of anti-NESN limericks":
OB don't know shit about shit
He'll call an out when it's really a hit
He makes up dumb crap
At the drop of a hat
When oh when will he just fucking quit?
That led to a few more.

"Ode to the NESN Camera Man"

With fly balls decisions do loom
What the fuck do I do with my zoom?
The fielder goes back
Makes the catch on the track
But my dumb ass is shooting the moon!
"Intro, 2019"

The Red Sox are playing N-Y
NESN shows a live shot from the sky
Wait! That doesn't look right
It's afternoon, but the picture shows night
And the World Trade Center towers shine bright
Good thing they don't give me a grade
Or I probably wouldn't get paid
Cuz on all pickoff throws
My call simply goes:
"The 2-1..will not be made."
We could have 175 of these in no time!


Jere said...

I love that this became blog-post material.

allan said...

How could I not?

I posted two more before Friday's game:


A line drive rope in the gap is so great
But NESN must show the run cross the plate
They don't care about the action
Cause a close play is a fraction
As cool as the bench cheering a teammate


"You'll See It All Eventually"

Between-inning breaks are the same
Amount of time, but don't think to blame
Us for missing a pitch
It's not fair to bitch
We will show you the triple on replay