June 11, 2019

David Ortiz, Now In Boston, Undergoes Second Surgery

Before last night's game, there was a public announcement at Fenway Park:
Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and remove your caps. All of us were shocked by last night's news about David Ortiz, and our community has felt a palpable concern ever since. As befits his out-sized personality, wishes for a speedy recovery have poured in from all over baseball, from the world of sports, and even from respected world leaders. He is loved throughout our nation and beyond, yet to us, he is our own adopted son. Won't you please join us as we offer a moment of reflection, thought, and prayer for a complete healing and a full recovery for our beloved, Big Papi.
Ortiz arrived in Boston and underwent a second surgery last night at Massachusetts General Hospital. He will remain in intensive care for several days.

Pedro speaks:
(As an aside, when people cry during an interview, I wish they did not feel a need to apologize. I know it's more of a reflex statement and they don't truly feel sorry for how they are acting, but for Pedro, feeling sadness and concern and love for one of his dearest friends (who was nearly murdered) should be (and is) the most natural thing in the world. When talking about the randomness and the helplessness and the incomprehensibility of the event, which is still raw in his mind and heart — it would seem strange for Pedro not to cry some tears.)

Manager Alex Cora:
This is why sometimes I'm brutally honest. There's life. There's more important things than the Red Sox, winning or losing, pitching changes, this and that. It's life. We went through it with Nick (Cafardo), we went through it with Blake (Swihart's brother), I went through it with Ari (Arteaga) last year. This is just a part of what we do. The big man, I know he will be fine. I do trust that he'll be fine. ... But it has been very tough. Very tough.
Red Sox president Sam Kennedy:
David Ortiz is one of the most celebrated and beloved members of the Red Sox family. I think we all remember in 2013 when we needed David Ortiz the most, he was there for us in late April. And so, it's appropriate and expected that this community would rally around David when he needs us the most.
Phillies manager Gabe Kapler:
David is as good a person, a teammate, as you'd ever want to be around. I've known him forever, since our days in the Florida State League in '97. And it's tragic when gun violence hurts a friend. It's tragic when gun violence impacts anybody. Any time something like this happens it's an opportunity for us to raise awareness. I have no doubt that David will use that platform the right way.
José Abreu, White Sox:
That's something that scares you. We know how the violence is in Latin America. In Latin American countries, violence is real. And just to see something like happen to David Ortiz is sad and is a shock.
Red Sox assistant general manager Eddie Romero:
Just think of how big an impact he's had in the city of Boston. He's obviously an icon on the Mount Rushmore of Boston athletes, but he is the guy in the Dominican Republic. He is more famous than any president. People think of the Dominican Republic, they think David Ortiz, they think Pedro Martinez. And that's coming from someone who has been exposed to the Dominican over the years. I've been awed by the impact he has. Any restaurant he goes to or anywhere, they love him, and it comes from the way he treats people.


FenFan said...

Still so shocked at this. It probably hit me harder today than any time since I heard about it Sunday night watching the end of the Bruins game. Watching Pedro talk about his love of Papi and the good he has done for everyone, you can't help but get tears in your eyes.

laura k said...

Very nice announcement from the team, too. That could have gone many different ways. They kept it sincere and meaningful without going over the top.