August 27, 2019

G133: Red Sox 10, Rockies 6

Red Sox - 110 220 400 - 10 10  0
Rockies - 000 020 022 -  6 15  3
Jackie Bradley, Christian Vázquez, and Xander Bogaerts welcomed Rockies rookie Rico Garcia (5-7-6-5-2, 83) to the major leagues on Tuesday night, hitting home runs in Boston's lop-sided victory.

Garcia's first pitch to Bradley in the second inning was a fastball down the heart of the plate at 91.

JBJ annihilated it: 478 feet. It was the longest home run by a Red Sox player since at least 2015 (when Statcast started tracking dongs). Rick Porcello (5-8-2-0-5, 79) was impressed: "I don't think I've ever seen a ball go that far. That was incredible." It was the seventh longest homer in the majors this season.

In the game thread, fenfan noted that NESN (surprise!) had no clue where the ball was: "Of course, the NESN camera missed the ball actually landing in the third deck of the Coors Field bleachers".

And Jere later remarked: "So fuckin' classic. They love to show the moon on warning track fly balls, and finally somebody hits a moonshot, and they stay low. And then here come the replays, which act as proof that NONE of their cameras followed that ball all the way. (I went to the Rockies' channel and saw where it actually landed.)"

Here is NESN's live shot. The ball is crashing into the deck above the one at the top of the screen. NESN viewers did not see the ball until it caromed out of the third deck and landed in the outfield.

Vázquez hit a two-run shot in the fourth and Bogaerts hit a solo shot in the fifth. Later in the inning, Brock Holt's ground-rule double scored Mitch Moreland.

Colorado reliever Jake McGee faced five batters to start the seventh and they all reached base; four of them scored. Rafael Devers walked, Bogaerts doubled, J.D. Martinez singled (7-2), Mitch Moreland reached on a FC/E4 (8-2), and Holt (who finished the night 3-for-4) singled (10-2).

The Red Sox had 10 hits and eight walks.

AL Wild Card: CLE/OAK –, TBR 1.0, BOS 6.0.
Rick Porcello / Rico Garcia (major league debut)
Betts, RF
Devers, 3B
Bogaerts, SS
Martinez, LF
Moreland, 1B
Holt, 2B
Vázquez, C
Bradley, CF
Porcello, P
David Price pitched a simulated game today, throwing 54 pitches in three innings. He may start on Sunday in Anaheim.

Dustin Pedroia will be hanging out with the Red Sox in Colorado. FY texted WEEI:
Had a check-up with the doctor this morning [Monday] and I'll see the guys the next two days and then I'll be in Vail until Monday rehabbing. The surgery went really great. I'm still on crutches for two more weeks but things are going really good compared to where I was before the surgery.
Pedroia underwent a chondroplasty that included the removal of bone spurs on August 7.

AL Wild Card: CLE/OAK/TBR –, BOS 6.0.

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