August 1, 2020

Sports Websites: Do They Have Linescores? Where Are Their Linescores? Let's Find Out!

I love linescores.

Almost all major sports websites have stopped showing linescores when you click on "scoreboard". What they offer, at first glance, is only the R-H-E summary (some don't even do that).

If you want to know when the runs were scored (did the team that won 7-5 score all of its runs early and hold on, did they have a late rally, did they fall behind and steadily chip away throughout the game?), you have to click through to the box score. And if you want to see the linescore for another game (perhaps you enjoy perusing the previous day's games hoping for an odd or surprising linescore), you have to go back to the scoreboard and then click through on another game. It's annoying as hell.
Brief Tangent: I was saddened to learn Jayson Stark likes the Extra Inning Rule. (He was also surprised.) In his explanation, he linked to an amazing linescore from the California League (A):
July 15, 2019
Inaland Empire 66ers - 200 000 000 011 114 - 10 10  0
Modest Nuts          - 000 002 000 011 110 -  6  5  5
That is some weird, wild stuff.
You might think that the official website of Major League Baseball would offer easy viewing of linescores and you could simply scroll down and check them out.

If you thought that, you would be wrong.

I have fond memories of buying The Sporting News each week in the late 1970s so I could enjoy all the major league box scores from the previous week or so. In the decades before that, TSN (once known as "The Bible of Baseball") also published all minor league box scores.

TSN published its last physical issue in 2012 and its online scoreboard likely causes Alfred Spink (Canadian!) to spin in his grave. ... No hits and no errors!

Sports Illustrated is still publishing, but is a faint shadow of its former self. Does its website provide easy access to linescores? No.

All that empty white space is perfect for linescores.

What about ESPN? No.

CBS Sports? No.

Fox Sports? No.

MSN Sports? No.

Yahoo Sports? No.

NBC Sports? . . .


All Hail NBC Sports!!

NBC Sports is now the only place I will go to check baseball scores.

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