February 16, 2021

MLB's Shitty New Rules From 2020 Will Return In 2021

Most of the shitty new rules MLB introduced into the shortened 2020 season have returned for what everyone hopes will be a full-length 2021 campaign.

ESPN's Alden Gonzalez and Jesse Rogers answer a bunch of questions about the upcoming seasons, including these:

How will spring training games look different this year?

In some cases early on, they may only last seven innings, or even five. The league is allowing managers to agree upon a shortened game, in part, due to less players being available to use since minor leaguers won't be around in late February.

They'll also have the ability to end an inning before three outs if a pitcher has reached his pitch count. That way, managers can map out exactly how many pitchers he's going to use on a given day and dress only those players. Overall, it limits players in the dugout and bullpens.

After March 14, games will be nine innings, unless managers choose to shorten them to seven, because later in spring is when regulars can play a full nine and starting pitchers are likely to throw more innings.

Once the regular season begins, what rule changes will we see?

Seven-inning doubleheaders are back. So are expedited extra-inning games as a runner will once again be placed on second base for each team from the 10th inning on. The three-batter minimum rule for relievers is also back, but the league hasn't taken any action toward banning or limiting the shift.

What about the DH in the NL and expanded playoffs? That is not mentioned in the health and safety protocols.

As of now, neither will happen in 2021. But it's still possible both could be implemented before Opening Day.

The DH has a chance largely because of safety concerns. . . . But the sides haven't come to an agreement for various reasons, which include what the players will give back in order to add 15 hitting jobs to the National League.

A five-inning spring training game in which some half-innings last only one or two outs?

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