February 18, 2021

Padres Sign Tatis To 14-Year (!) Contract Extension

Fernando Tatis Jr. has started only 139 major league games.

The Padres just signed him to a 14-year contract extension ($340 million). That's the longest contract in baseball history; Tatis wasn't even eligible for arbitration for another year!

Tatis has a 154 OPS+ in his two seasons in San Diego (154 in 2019 and 155 in 2020). He turned 22 the day after New Year's. There are only six other players who have posted an OPS+ of 154 or greater through age 21: Mike Trout (166), Cap Anson (162), Ted Williams (161), Jimmie Foxx (157), Albert Pujols (157), and Rogers Hornsby (155). Four Hall of Famers and two future Hall of Famers.

But 14 years is a really long time.

* * *

The Red Sox traded pitchers Jeffrey Springs (LH) and Chris Mazza (RH) and a suitcase full of cash to the Rays for minor leaguers Ronaldo Hernández (catcher) and Nick Sogard (infielder). Hopefully, Chaim Bloom's familiarity with Tampa Bay's farm system allowed him to take advantage of the Rays.

Pitchers and catchers report today.


GK said...

Wonder what the White Sox are thinking, they trader Tatis away, for Big Game James (!)

Unknown said...

Wait. The Bobby Bonilla contract expires in 2035. So that's maybe the same year they stop paying Tatis? But BB has already booked 10 years of payments on his. Maybe Tatis Jr. attended the Bobby Bonilla School of Contracts, or maybe the Padres are just trying to outperform the Mets in the School of Wishful Thinking.

I'm still voting Bonilla number 1 in negotiating skill, even if Tatis ends up with more money. How much money can you spend, anyway?

Dafabetcacuoc said...

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