August 13, 2021

NESN's "Live" Shots: Indolence & Apathy Or Deliberate Trolling?

Thanks to Jere's ongoing exposure of various types of NESN nonsense, we have years and years of proof that NESN cannot be bothered to send a camera guy down to the sidewalk outside Fenway Park for an actual, true live shot. Why not? I'd like to know, but I have no idea. (Any ex-NESNers want to anonymously spill some beans?)

If NESN is going to dig up some old video from years ago and try to trick us into thinking it's "live", why can't they use weather-appropriate footage? Show us a hot summer day on a hot summer day, roll tape of a rainy night on a rainy night, etc. Have footage showing different climate conditions clearly labeled and pick the appropriate one. How hard would that be?

We should be grateful NESN doesn't sink so low that they're actually showing full-dark night-time footage during the day . . . oh, wait.

Anyway . . . Me, too.

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Jere said...

I did some more research on when that game could have been from (the "late 2019" one). It would have to be September, on a not-that-warm night. I zeroed in on the Giants series, 9/17-19, and realized the 9/17 game was 15 innings. I was there! I looked at game highlights and my own many photos from that night and it all makes sense. By 1 am anyone who was actually still in the stands was completely bundled up, and the sky was that kind of overcast that the city's light pollution gives a glow to. It all makes sense--the ballpark still open, lights on, with some fans out on the street but *very* few. This is what it looks like out there when the game's still going on but hardly anyone's still in the park. Also confirmed from my own pics that the leaves were still on the trees. The game's on but I'm not subscribed. Would love to see if that was the night that shot came from.