August 31, 2021

Pedro Would Sometimes Change Grips Mid-Delivery With Runner On Second

Last Thursday, Pedro Martinez revealed one of his methods of deception when an opposing runner was on second base – he would change grips mid-delivery.

The rest of the MLB Network Showcase broadcasting team appeared extremely doubtful, so Pedro got out of his chair and showed them exactly how he would switch from a fastball grip (which the runner might have signaled to the batter after seeing the catcher's sign) to a changeup grip in the short time (maybe one second, tops?) between pulling the ball out of his glove and firing it towards the plate.

Fastball. Fastball. Boom. Changeup. You dead meat.

So he'd switch, in a split-second, while in his delivery, from mid-to-upper-90s heat to the best changeup in the game.

Fuckin' Pedro, man!


PK said...

That change of grips was so silky smooth he leaves no doubt he was telling the truth.

Paul Hickman said...

The Best of any Era always have a few tricks up their sleeve

How about the guys Pedro struck out, watching that clip & finally realising ...... Ohhhh, so that's what he did !

FenFan said...

Pedro is one sneaky mofo, and that's why he was the BEST!