September 29, 2003

Tick, Tick, Tick ... Two reasons cited by Grady for choosing Wakefield over Lowe for Game 2 in Oakland: (1) Wakefield has induced 75 popups for infield outs (fair or foul) this season while Lowe has induced only 12; and (2) pitching Wakefield in Game 2 could make him available out of the bullpen in Games 4 or 5.

Jim Baker of ESPN ranks the 16 World Series possibilities in order of likelihood:

1. Yankees vs. Braves
2. Yankees vs. Giants
3. Red Sox vs. Braves
4. Red Sox vs. Giants
5. Athletics vs. Braves
6. Athletics vs. Giants
7. Yankees vs. Cubs
8. Yankees vs. Marlins
9. Red Sox vs. Cubs
10. Athletics vs. Cubs
11. Red Sox vs. Marlins
12. Athletics vs. Marlins
13. Twins vs. Braves
14. Twins vs. Giants
15. Twins vs. Cubs
16. Twins vs. Marlins

Eighteen baseball minds at ESPN offer their predictions. Of note: 17 of 18 pick Boston over Oakland; 10 say Boston will win the pennant; and four very wise men (Jayson Stark, Rob Neyer, Jim Baker and Jim Caple) tab Boston to win the World Series.

I spent almost four hours this evening trying to get ALCS tickets (2 computers and a cell phone) and came up empty-handed. And all I was looking for was one measly ticket to Game 5 on Monday, October 13. ... So if anyone out there has an extra, I'd be thrilled to be your guest. I'll buy you lots of beer and throw in an autographed copy of my book!

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