September 30, 2003

Two must-reads. Oakland Lineup Analysis and Boston/Oakland Close Games and Bullpen Usage. ... Aren't you glad Fox is broadcasting the playoffs? "The Red Sox have undergone major surgery in the bullpen (no, we're not talking about turning off the TV) since Opening Day, when their thing was "closer by committee." Now, the names have changed and Boston has a mostly dependable group. Nothing spectacular here, just guys like Mike Timlin, Todd Sauerbeck and Scott Williamson setting it up for Byung Hyun Kim. Remember Kim from the 2000 Series, when he was pummeled by the Yankees? Let's see what happens now."

Extreme examples, perhaps, but isn't it amazing to see the difference between knowledgable people who give a damn (who encourage you to think and where you actually learning something) and the usual hacks in the mainstream media (whose stuff is, at best, worthless)?

Also: To follow the Wilson/Plame/Novak/WH story, there are few better places that Talking Points Memo. Check this out. ... And this with an update.

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