January 19, 2006

Arroyo Signs For Three Years

Bronson Arroyo (who will be 29 this season) agreed Thursday to a three-year contract worth about $11.5 million, avoiding arbitration. The Herald's Michael Silverman says the decision "was made against the wishes of his agents and without a guarantee from the Red Sox that he would be traded". (Also)

Gregg Clifton, one of Arroyo's agents (who felt he should be earning more like $4.5 per season:
[I]t's a discounted deal over the first two years of the agreement. But Bronson believes that taking this deal will allow him to remain a Boston Red Sox for the remainder of his contract and hopefully for the rest of his career by providing this discount to the Red Sox. Bronson loves the city of Boston, he loves the fans and he loves the Red Sox and he wants to finish his career with the Red Sox.
That's a nice deal for the Sox and Arroyo's salary is still low enough to deal, if the front office went that way.

David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez will join Pedro Martinez, Albert Pujols, Vladimir Guerrero, and Miguel on the Dominican Republic's roster for the World Baseball Classic in March. ... Guillermo Mota signed a deal for 2006 worth about $3 million. ... Red Sox fan Sky Lucas purchased Terry Francona's World Series Game 4 lineup card for $165,010 in an online auction and may sell replicas of the card. ... Great, more 2004 stuff to buy!

Johnny Damon, speaking to the Miami Herald:
I want to show the Red Sox that they made a mistake and the rest of baseball that I'm not old -- I'm not washed up.


Devine said...

Bring it on, Johnny. I hope Arroyo drills you (just once).

Jack Marshall said...

Who ever said Johnny was washed up? Or does "we're not willing to pay you 50 million dollars" mean "you're washed up" to these guys? Thank God you can play ball, Johnny, because without that, you're selling watches in Times Square.

DanM said...


I am getting the jerseys, caps and DVR all ready for the new year!

Cora at SS and Coco in CF?